Sunday, 8 December 2013

My Updated Makeup Collection

This is my 200th post and as I shared my makeup collection for my 100th post, I thought it only fitting to do an updated one for my 200th.

You can see my previous post here. Long story short, I came back from holiday and the unit I used to store all my make up in was on the verge of collapse. One more bottle of OPI and the whole thing would have tipped right over! An emergency Ikea trip later, I ended up with the Alex unit (the ultimate beauty blogger cliche). I actually think it looks like a filing cabinet but its good for storage. 

Im not going to go into detail on everything, we would be here all day. I have an obscene amount of makeup that has built up over the years. Combination of freebies from working at magazines, makeup from my courses and of course a makeup addiction!

You can see an overview of everything I keep on the top in my Dressing Table post. In the frame is my massive scratch off map, as you can see I haven't made it to Antarctica just yet. I have added a few festive decorations but a lot of random stuff does end up here, like the shot glass from Beale Street in Memphis with $10 in!

First drawer - Primers, Foundations, Concealers and Powders. My favourite foundation is the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and I am loving the Hourglass concealer at the moment.

Second drawer - Bronzers, Blushers and Highlighters. I dont know how I have accumulated so much blusher! I have used my Muji drawers to separate them into powders and creams.

Third drawer - All things eyes, shadows, palettes, mascara and brows. This is about as organised as this drawer will ever get!

Fourth drawer - A whole lorra lipstick. Theres a lot of Revlon in there, quite a few MAC and then a lot of tinted lip balm! Down the side I have a few lip glosses/crayons/things that don't fit anywhere else!

Makeup wise thats it, the rest of the drawers are pretty boring and filled with random crap! I will just show you this drawer though. Every time I open it Im sure I hear an Angel cry!


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