Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My 5 Favourite Blog Posts from 2013

I've already stated my opinion on 2013, in summary..... pretty shit. I really wanna do one of those cool instagram videos that everyone's doing, but I know mine will just be filled with pictures of inanimate objects.

One good thing about this year though was blogging. I have loved blogging this year and I thought as I haven't done one of those instagram videos, I would be a little self indulgent and share my top 5 favourite blog posts from the year.

I really do love snooping in other peoples makeup bags and I loved sharing that on my blog. I loved Chef and Chloe's, as their makeup is such an extension of their awesome personalities. 

I really love Liv Tyler and I have a little bit of an obsession with buying any beauty/makeup items she recommends. I'm still on the look out by the way, so if you know of any products let me know!
I still cant decide if I would rather have Steve Tyler as a Dad or Boyfriend though....hmmmmm

Another obsession of mine but they are all so pretty!

Do you think my version of Heaven will look like this? The drugstores in America were actually better than most of the Sephora's we went to. If I lived in America I think I would probably end up homeless, living in a igloo made out of all my makeup purchases!

You know I love me some Maybelline ever since the Sarah Michelle Gellar days. You cant beat a Maybelline mascara and I think I did a pretty good job reviewing a selection of them.

Now if anyone wants to parachute out of a helicopter and propose to me tonight, please feel free. I reckon that will give me enough material for an instragram video ;)

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