Sunday, 20 February 2011

Katy Perry O.P.I Collection Not Like The Movies & Teenage Dream

I love Katy Perry, I love a bit of tackiness and I love O.P.I so I knew I had to buy something from this collection! There are 4 shades in the collection and one black "Shatter Polish".
I picked up 2 colours from the collection. Not Like The Movies and Teenage Dream. You will have to excuse the state of my nails at the moment!

Not Like The Movies is the first colour I bought and the only one I planned on getting, but then I heard everyone and his mother raving about Teenage Dream.

I wanted NLTM as its a duochrome and since the release of the nail varnishes in the MAC Venomous Villains collection, I can't get enough duochrome in my life! I would describe it as a lighter version of Mean and Green from Venomous Villains. Depending on the light you get grey, silver, pink, purple and green flashes with tiny bits of shimmer in this beautiful nail varnish. I really love it as I don't have any other colours like this, it really is quite unique.

Teenage Dream, a baby pink glitter seems to have been the most popular colour from the collection. It really is a pretty colour, the glitter comes out very opaque on the nails so unlike other glitter nail polishes, you really can get away with 2-3 coats. I also like that there are some bigger chunks of glitter mixed in, it makes the polish that bit different and it also comes up really sparkly on the nails.

This collection is limited edition and all 4 shades are available on now for £10.50

Saturday, 12 February 2011

MAC Wonder Woman (Restrained!) Haul

When I first heard about the MAC Wonder Woman collection I was really excited. Like Venomous Villains, these are the collections I love from MAC. Personally I love love love the packaging, its fun and completely different. So I was really looking forward to the release of Wonder Woman but after seeing the actual products and reviews on Temptalia ( I felt disappointed.

The collection was smaller then I thought and nothing stood out to me. I wish there had been some individual eyeshadows in this collection, paint pots or fluid lines, or just better colours but alas it was not to be.

Wonder Woman is due to be released in the UK in March as far as I'm aware and February in the US. As I mentioned in my previous post I have just come back from New York and before I went I was gutted to hear that the collection wouldn't be launched in the US until the 10th February...I came back on the 9th!

So imagine my joy when on my first day in the Big Apple (February 4th) I see this.....

Ahhhhhh! I still don't know the reason for the early release but I don't care! Now I don't know the exact date it came out but it must have been out for at least a day as one shade of the mineralize skin finish had already sold out (typically it was the one I wanted!)

The only thing I really wanted was the lipstick in "Marquise D'" which I got, I also wanted the Wonder Woman mirror but I was told this was an online exclusive (bummer) so I decided to get a blusher instead as these have a mirror and I thought it would be a cool compact for my bag. I would have got the mineralize skin finish instead of the blush but as I said, the one I wanted had already sold out :(

Mighty Aphrodite is a peachy coral blush split in 2 with a darker pinkier half. Its nothing remarkable and quite dupe-able but none the less a pretty, wearable colour which I will get a lot of use out of. I was lucky and picked up the last one in the store! I'm sure this will be one of the first things to sell out, so grab it while you can.

Marquise D' is a lovely colour. Its one of those lipsticks that you can chuck in your bag and apply it anytime throughout the day with no mirror. Its pretty sheer and one of those your lips but better colours. I would really recommend this. I think out of all the lipsticks this is the shade that's most highly coveted so grab it ASAP.

So I only grabbed 2 things from the collection and I'm happy with my purchases, when the collection is released over here in March I think I will order the mirror online and maybe one other thing. If you do not like the packaging though i would say you could very easily skip this collection.

Word of warning - Based on my experience in the US Pink Power Mineralize Skin Finish, Mighty Aphrodite Blush and Marquise D' Lipstick will be the first to sell out. So if you want these, get them straight away :)

New York City Sephora Haul

So I have just got back from an awesome holiday in New York with my 3 best friends and I have the post holiday blues :( I love New York and this was my 5th visit! I had a huge list of make up I wanted to buy in Sephora but had to restrain myself! Anyway here's what I got :)

1. Make Up For Ever HD Foundation "115" - This was not on my list to buy, I was actually planning on getting Nars Sheer Glow but when I swatched Sheer Glow it came up very yellow on my skin and I was put off. This was a bit of a last minute ahh go on then throw it in the basket purchase! I justified it as MUFE is hard to get in the UK. When I tested this it blended into my skin perfectly and was not heavy at all which is what I want in a foundation. I don't have perfect skin but I hate heavy foundations. My MAC Face and Body is almost out and when it is I will be moving onto this bad boy.

2. Lorac Perfectly Lit Spotlight Powder "Luminous" - This was a product I had planned on getting after hearing it raved about by several US YouTubers including one of my favourites LisaLisaD1. This is a highlight powder and I can totally understand the hype, it really gives the skin a beautiful sheen without being glittery, its very smooth not gritty at all. Love this :)

3. Bare Minerals Mineral Veil "Hydrating" - I'm not a big powder fan and I normally don't even use powder but when I heard Fleur De Force raving about this powder I decided to give it a go. When I opened it, I was surprised as it was more glittery then I thought but it doesn't show up as much on the skin which is a good thing. This is a really nice powder for giving your skin that glow, whereas I find powder tends to dull down your skin, this does the opposite. I have only used this once so will let you know how I get on with it.

4. Urban Decay Afterglow Glide On Cheek Tint "Quickie" - Urban Decay seem to be releasing impressive new products all the time! They really are on a roll, I am particularly loving the new packaging designs and it seems I want every new release which is not a good thing! I had seen these glide on cheek tints online and lusted after them, being a huge cream blush fan! They are not available in the UK yet so I was so excited to see these in Sephora. All the colours are gorgeous but "Quickie" stood out the most to me. Its a bright neon pink with a hint of peach and I love it. I also love the consistency of these, really easy to blend unlike the MAC cream blushes. I was also hoping to get the new Urban Decay highlighters because I love the skull packaging but they didn't have them in Sephora :(

5. Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer "Light" - I was most excited to try Kat Von D's range, what I love about it is the effort she has obviously put in with the design and art work. I cannot understand celebrities who are given the opportunity to release a perfume or make up range and the packaging is a piece of shit! If I was ever given an opportunity like that, god I would work my arse off to make it perfect! Anyway I got the concealer after hearing a lot of good things, I haven't had the opportunity to properly try it yet but this stuff is heavy duty and you only need the tiniest bit.

6. Kat Von D Lipstick "Backstage Bambi" - I love this colour its the perfect bright pink but surprisingly wearable! I will definitely post some pictures of this colour as its my new favourite!

7. Kat Von D Perfume Purser Spray "Saint" - Purely bought for packaging reasons!

8. Kat Von D Perfume Purser Spray "Sinner" - See above!

9. Kat Von D Perfume Roller ball "Adora" - Oooh this one was bought based on smell! And we don't have roller ball perfumes in the UK like in the US

10. Sally Hansen HD Nail Varnish "DVD" - Love this colour its that kind of duo chrome I have been obsessed with lately. Swatches will follow shortly. I bought this in Duane Reed.

11. O.P.I Nail Varnish "Yoga-Ta Get This Blue!" - Just liked the colour! Another Duane Reed purchase.

12. Anastasia Brow Gel "Espresso" - I'm lazy when it comes to my brows and I never like how they look when they are filled in, so I thought a tinted brow gel would be a happy medium. I do really like how easy this is and it gives that groomed look, my only complaint would be that the brush is quite big and I have got blobs of brown on my head!

13. MAC Wonder Woman Lipstick "Marquise D'" - I'll do a separate post on this....:)

14. MAC Wonder Woman Blush "Mighty Aphrodite" - Same here :)

Oh and I also bought one of those EOS lip balms in mint......not that impressed! They are just weird!