Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Lorac Pro Palette

I am a sucker for a good eyeshadow palette and have been wanting to try Lorac's Pro Palette for a long time. Lorac is an American brand and I wanted to buy this when I was in America last year, but as Lorac is no longer sold in Sephora, I couldn't find it anywhere. 

A couple of months ago I thought I would try searching eBay and found loads of these palettes being sold for really reasonable prices. I paid £24.00 for mine from an English seller, so if you too are looking for the Pro Palette I recommend trying eBay.

The Pro Palette consists of 16 eyeshadows, the top row are all matte colours and the bottom row are all shimmers. I love that this is a really versatile palette and you can create loads of different but more importantly, wearable looks with it.

The quality of all the shadows is really good, they are all highly pigmented and blend easily. 
Apart from maybe Slate, there isn't a single colour I wouldn't use in here and that's what really appealed to me. I hate eyeshadow palettes where there are 4 or 5 eyeshadows you wont use.

I thought I would show you three different looks with this palette, so you can see how versatile it really is.

Look One

For the first look I used LT. Bronze all over the lid with Taupe in the crease. This is the kind of eyeshadow look I would wear everyday, as its simple but brightens your eyes and makes you look more awake.

Look Two

For my second look I went for all matte shades and used Mauve all over my lid and underneath my lower lash line, with a bit of Espresso blended out in the outer corners for depth. Mauve is a beautiful murky purple colour, which I know would look great with By Terry's Misty Rock.

Look Three

For my last look there was one colour that I just had to use. Garnet is a metallic red bronze colour and it was the only shade I used for my final look, blended all over my lid and quite far underneath my lower lash line. This is definitely an Olsen twin colour and if you have blue or green eyes this will look amazing.

If you got this far I thought I might as well show you whats on the rest of my face as well!

Primer - Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
Foundation - MAC Face & Body mixed with NARS Copacabana Illuminator
Concealer - Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer and Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
Bronzer - MAC Aphrodite's Shell
Powder - Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot
Highlighter - Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Powder in Candlelight
Contour - Bobbi Brown Taupe Eyeshadow
Eyebrows - Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil and Illamasqua Brow and Lash Gel
Eyeshadow Primer - Benefit Stay Don't Stray
Mascara - MAC Opulash

A combination of a new amazing brush find from NARS (Ita) and the fact that the new Maleficent film is out soon, has led to me falling back in love with contouring. I think I'm going to do a whole separate post on this next week!

Oh and lastly how could I forget lipsticks!

Look One - Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick in Nude Rose (a new favourite!)

Look Two - Burberry Lip Cover in English Rose (an old favourite!)

Look Three - L'oreal GlamShine Stain Splash in Lolita

If you already own the Lorac Pro Palette, what are your favourite colour combinations? Inspire me!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Beauty Graveyard

My Beauty Graveyard posts are where I give mini beauty reviews on all the products I have used up recently. The past couple of months I seem to have used up loads of stuff, some good, some not so good! I should also explain that the *'s represent how many times a product has featured in one of my Beauty Graveyard posts before. The more *'s the more I love it!

MAC Face & Body Foundation - One of my favourite foundations, ultra lightweight and ultra runny in consistency. This doesn't feel like you are wearing anything and looks really natural on the skin. I would definitely buy this again.

Guerlain Terracotta Moisturising Bronzing Powder in 00 Makeup Artist - Beautiful matte bronzer, in fact I have been a bit naughty and already bought a new Guerlain bronzer (eek).

Smashbox Photo Finish More Than Primer Blemish Control - While this primer did nothing in the way of blemish control, I probably would buy it again because it really did prolong the wear of my makeup. Overall I think Smashbox make some of the best primers on the market, so would definitely recommend them if you are looking for a new one.

Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara - Not one of Maybellines best mascaras. I did initially really like the lengthening effect this had, but I found it dried up quite quickly and started to flake during the day. Not a mascara I would buy again or recommend.

MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter in Light Boost - One of my favourite under eye brighteners. I also like to use this to highlight, I apply it on the centre of my forehead, down the bridge of my nose and the middle of my chin, then blend in with my foundation brush. I have a few other concealers I am using at the moment but will definitely buy this again in the future.

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Soft Brunette ** - My favourite eye brow pencil, easiest product to use to give you full but soft brows. I have already repurchased this.

Benefit Stay Don't Stray - A perfectly good eye primer but sadly the packaging is so crap you should never, ever buy this. First of all the pump dispenses way too much product and you waste a ton every time you use it, second of all, as I got nearer the end, my primer started to separate. Every time I pumped it out ,there was this excess oil which I would have to tissue off before I could use it. Not impressed. Its a shame because I did like the eye primer itself, but for £20.50 it needs better packaging.

Boscia Self Defense Vital Antioxidant Moisture SPF 30 * - I love this moisturiser because its lightweight, doesn't irritate my skin and has a high SPF. Sadly its only available in America :(

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo + - My new obsession, I apply this before my moisturiser at night and it has really helped to clear my skin up and reduce my breakouts. I'm on my second tube already.

MooGoo Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser - MooGoo are a natural skincare company from Australia, they specialise in products to treat specific skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. I was seriously impressed by their Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser and will definitely be trying some more of their products in the future.

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask - This mask contains natural fruit acids which are designed to remove dead skin cells, leaving your face looking brighter and healthier. I did notice a difference in the appearance of my skin when using this, but one thing I really struggled with was the smell of this stuff. Its pretty pricey at £30.00 and I wouldn't buy again.

Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner ** - My favourite exfoliator, this is a very gentle acid exfoliator which is much more effective than your traditional scrubs. I apply this with a cotton pad at night after cleansing and can notice a visible difference in my skin by the morning. Another product I have already repurchased.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner - The first Living Proof product Ive tried that's disappointed me, full review here. Needless to say, I wouldn't buy again.

It's a 10 Miracle Leave in plus Keratin - I bought this leave in hair conditioner in America and it was bloody amazing. It left my hair silky smooth but didn't weigh it down or leave it feeling greasy at all. I would definitely buy this again when I'm in America but if I cant wait that long Ive noticed you can buy it online from Amazon.

Lee Stafford Original Dry Shampoo - I'm not usually a fan of dry shampoo but this is one of the better ones Ive tried. This also blended in quite well with my hair and didn't leave it looking ashy. Much better than Batiste in my opinion.

Bioderma Crealine H20 ***** - I love Bioderma as its the quickest, easiest and most gentle way to remove your makeup. Loads of different brands have bought out their own micellar water now and I am currently using the Garnier version which is pretty fab too.

Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel *** - When it comes to cleaning my face, I use a micellar water in the morning and then at night I like to properly cleanse my face. This Clarins cleanser is one of my favourites because it removes all my makeup, even waterproof mascara and feels really luxurious. I just rub a dollop all over my face and rinse off with some warm water and a flannel.

Neal's Yard Rose Facial Wash - For some reason I seem to have got through a load of cleansers these past couple of months! This was a really nice, gentle cleanser which didn't irritate my skin at all and like the Clarins cleanser, removed all my makeup in one go. I would definitely buy this again in the future.

Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser - This is just one of the mini cleaners which came with my Clarisonic, good way to get you started!

This Works Clean Skin Moisture Scrub - A pretty good facial exfoliator but nothing special.

Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover - A really good eye makeup remover, will remove the most stubborn waterproof mascaras but its just too expensive and I could think of much more exciting things to spend my money on than eye makeup remover. 

Yes to Carrots Hydrating Shower Gel *** - You know how much I love anything from the Yes to range and now you can buy Yes to in Boots (woohoo) I was so excited I actually took a picture of the stand, sad I know!

Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Body Moisturiser - I haven't used such an unpleasantly sticky body moisturiser in a long time *shudder*

Bobbi Brown Almost Bare Perfume * - My signature scent, this smells exactly like how I imagine Jennifer Aniston smells, a clean beach!

& Other Stories Plush Balm - This is a multi purpose balm which you can used for dry patches, scars, cuticles and a billion other things. Very similar to Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream but without the smell, seriously impressed with this.

The Body Shop Almond Nail and Cuticle Oil - This click pen is handy for keeping in your bag but I actually prefer Solar Oil for moisturising my cuticles and wouldn't buy this again.

Zoya Remove + ***** - My favourite nail polish remover, doesn't dry my nails out and extends the wear of my polish.

Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Spray & Go Body Moisturiser - This is what you call pure laziness. I hate body moisturising, it feels like such a chore so I was intrigued to try the new Vaseline Spray & Go moisturisers because they made the whole process look a bit more bearable. Now these aren't particularly hydrating, they do the job and take away that horrible tight feeling in your skin when you first come out the shower but if you have particularly dry skin this probably wont be enough for you. The other thing is that they really don't last long at all, as you can probably tell by the 4 cans I have got through! But at the moment out of pure laziness I am loving them because they get the job done! 

What was the last beauty item you used up and can you beat my 4 cans of Vaseline Spray? ;)

Monday, 19 May 2014

New In

I have been a bad beauty blogger recently and tried lots of new, pretty things, but not shared any of them on here! I thought the easiest way to rectify this, would be to smush all these products into one massive post and as I am very much a visual person, I have included a bonus Face of the Day wearing these beauties!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I just ran out of my last bottle of Bioderma and my lovely friend Chloe recommended this as an alternative. I do love the L'oreal Micellar Water but the Garnier one is double the size and about half the price (as Kevin Bacon would say, no brainer). I do have a theory that all Micella Waters are essentially the same and the Garnier version works a treat. The only thing I have noticed is, that it doesn't remove mascara as quickly but I really cant complain.

If you have never tried using Micellar Water to remove your makeup before, I highly recommend giving it a go. I really struggle to use face wipes, as they make my face and eyes sting and leave my face looking red and blotchy. Micellar Water's are so gentle and remove all my makeup with no stinging at all!

Models Own Polish for Tans in Beach Bag

Models Own released a line of neon nail polishes which are designed to "instantly highlight golden skin". FYI, there is no crazy new formula here, they are just neon nail polishes. 
Beach Bag is a pale neon coral colour. I do love the colour and have no doubt it would really emphasise a tan, but I was not impressed with the formula of this polish. It was very thick and gloopy, like all neons it drys matte so you need a top coat, but I noticed after a few days my nails were looking matte again and my top coat had almost disappeared. 
In summary lovely colour, crappy formula.

Clinique Chubby Stick in Whooping Watermelon

I am very late to the Chubby Stick bandwagon, but my friend Nat had the most amazing lipstick on and when I asked her what it was, she told me it was one of these. That particular shade was Heftiest Hibiscus, which I feel needs its own dedicated post and since then I have added Whooping Watermelon to the collection (even the lady on the Clinique counter chuckled at the name). This is a very sheer pink,  which just adds a little something, something to your everyday makeup.

L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara in Waterproof

I really loved L'oreal's Miss Manga mascara so when I heard they were releasing it in a waterproof formula, I practically ran to Boots. I have done a full review of this mascara here and the waterproof formula is just as good.

Anastasia DipBrow Pomade in Chocolate

When it comes to brows I stick to what I like (yes I am talking about my beloved Hourglass pencil) however these new DipBrow's by Anastasia intrigued me and I wanted to give them a try. 
These are little pots of tinted brow mousse, which claim to be waterproof and smudge proof. You need to apply this with a brush to your brows, a brush isn't included but any angled brush will do (I have been using the MAC 263). 
If you are someone that likes a really defined brow, you will love this stuff as you can really sculpt some serious brows with it. For me this is a bit of a faff to do on a daily basis but I have enjoyed using it for nights out, to give my brows a bit more drama. The only thing that is a bit rubbish is the shade range. There are 5 shades available, ranging from blonde to ebony, but there isn't a light brown. I opted for Chocolate but ideally would have preferred a slightly lighter colour. 
These are available exclusively in the UK from Cult Beauty.

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream

I have my Mum to thank for getting this baby back in my life. Sadly you can only get this in the US but if you are heading that way, or are lucky enough to live there, then you need to try this moisturiser. Its hydrating, light and helps keep my skin clear from blemishes. Love it!

Dior Diorskin Nude Shimmer Instant Illuminating Powder in Rose 001

This was what I would consider a "naughty purchase". I really didn't need it, but it was just too pretty to leave! This is like a more pigmented version of my beloved Milani powder and gives a pretty pink, highlighted glow to your cheeks. I can already tell this is going to me my go to blusher for the next few months.

Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Tailor Made Bronzing Powder in Naturel Brunettes 03

Another guilty purchase but one I have been resisting for a long time! Guerlain Bronzers are the ultimate luxury but they are also some of the most natural looking bronzers available. I love how this has 4 different colours which you can either pick and choose from, or blend together. There are 6 different shades available and Guerlain have made it easy for you to find your perfect shade by naming them by different hair colours. 
I regret nothing!

Bobbi Brown Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Raspberry

I have a lip balm addiction and these limited edition balms were calling me. I love how they are in the traditional lip balm tube but just slightly sleeker and sturdier. These are surprisingly pigmented and give you the same colour as a sheer lipstick would. Pink Raspberry is a very me colour, a natural pink toned nude. These feel really lovely and moisturising on the lips, my only complaint would be that the colour doesn't last long enough. Overall though, I would really recommend these and it looks like they are already selling out fast!

Don't say I don't deliver on my promises ;) because here I am, wearing it all. There are definitely some products in here which I know will become my new staples, particularly the Dior blush, Guerlain bronzer and Bobbi Brown lip balm!

Foundation: Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation mixed with Nars Illuminator in Copacabana
Concealer: Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer and Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
Bronzer: Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Tailor Made Bronzer in Naturel Brunettes
Blusher: Dior Nude Shimmer Instant Illuminating Powder in Rose
Powder: Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot
Eyebrows: Anastasia DipBrow Pomade in Chocolate
Eyes: MAC Tan Pigment and L'oreal Miss Manga Waterproof Mascara
Lips: Bobbi Brown Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Raspberry

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Face of the Day with Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in On the Beach

Its only recently that I've noticed how I change my makeup with the seasons. In the Autumn/Winter months I love a red lip, sheer red balm for day and a dark matte red in the evenings. I tend to wear heavier, more grungy eye makeup and in general I just slap a hell of a lot more stuff on my face.

In Spring/Summer the first thing I change is my foundation and I switch to something a lot lighter. My eye makeup also becomes lighter and I opt for more shimmery colours. My lip colour switches from reds to more girly pinks and nudes. Its just funny how you don't realise you are gradually making all these little changes.


Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation in B30
I love this foundation and in some ways think I do prefer it to my beloved Vitalumiere Aqua. I like to wear this in the evenings, as although it feels really light on the skin, it actually has quite a good medium coverage. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush on Glow BB Highlighter in 2W
I really am starting to get paranoid about my dark under eye circles! If you have any good under eye concealer recommendations let me know!

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in SC3
Industrial strength concealer for spots and redness.

Chanel Moisturising Bronzing Powder in 62 Terre Epice
I haven't been loving this lately, its just a bit too dark and a bit too orange toned for my pale skin right now. The bronzer from the MAC Alluring Aquatic collection on the other hand, beautiful and natural looking.

Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in Candlelight
Will I ever get bored of this? Nope!


Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Soft Brunette and Illamasqua Brow and Lash Gel
Another combination I will never tire of.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Stay on Shadow Paint in Pink Zinc
I'm unsure about these cream eyeshadows by Estee Lauder. I love the colour of Pink Zinc, but I'm not a fan of the mousse like consistency and find it takes a bit of work to get the colour even. I wouldn't buy any more of these, but its a pretty shade to slap on when you are in a hurry.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
I went to town and did a teeny tiny winged eyeliner, go me! I do love this Stila eyeliner for its fine nib but I think it might be a little too fine, as the tip of mine is already breaking down and going all fuzzy :(

MAC Opulash Mascara
Still loving this at the moment, mainly for its amazing lasting power and zero smudginess!


Lip Crayon
Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in On the Beach
I haven't worn this since last year and forgot what a pretty light pink/coral shade it was. These lip crayons by Bourjois feel really nice on the lips and leave a slightly glossy finish, without feeling sticky. They are currently on offer in Boots at the moment for £6.99 and I highly recommend checking these out instore.

Monday, 12 May 2014


There are a select few beauty products that I wouldn't want to be without and buy over and over again. The annoying thing is, they all have a tendency to run out at the same time. As I have just had a restock, I thought what better time to show you my tried and tested staples.

Bobbi Brown Almost Bare Perfume

My signature perfume. I imagine this is what you would smell like if you had just been in Richard Branson's outdoor shower, on that flippin' amazing desert island he owns. Trust me, it's that good!
This is always in my handbag.

My Eyebrow Essentials: Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Soft Brunette and Illamasqua Brow and Lash Gel

The perfect brow duo! The Hourglass pencil gives me full but soft looking brows and the Illamasqua gel keeps things looking natural and defines each individual hair.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Shampoo and Conditioner

I discovered this on holiday last year and it has quickly become my favourite shampoo and conditioner.  Being a greasy hair sufferer (mmm nice) I am always looking for shampoo's that leave my hair squeaky clean and don't weigh it down at all. This stuff leaves my hair exactly how I like it, clean and bouncy, plus anything that gives my naturally straight hair some waves is a winner in my eyes.

Zoya Remove +

I can honestly say that I cant remember the last time my nails didn't have some form of nail polish on them. I paint them so much, that if use any old cheap remover I'm worried they might just fall off! Zoya Remove + has been my favourite for years because it doesn't dry my nails out at all and helps my nail polish last longer. If you are wondering where to buy this in the UK, I buy mine from Amazon.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo +

The most recent addition to my repurchase list but you can guarantee its going to stay there for a long time. I have talked about this a lot recently so I won't bleat on, but if you have spotty, problematic skin you need to try this!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Currently Loving: Topshop Flying Saucer and Illamasqua Hemlock

This is just a quick post to share one of the nail combinations I am loving at the moment. 

I bought Illamasqua Hemlock last year, it was such a cool, sheer, green opal colour that I couldn't resist it. However, its too sheer on its own and it just lay neglected with my other nail polishes. 

I don't know why it took me so long to think about layering Hemlock with another nail polish, but I got there in the end. I opted for Topshop's Flying Saucer, a pale lilac and I love the finished result.

Lesson learnt, don't dismiss those sheer nail polishes in your collection!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Lazy Sunday Face of the Day with Origins VitaZing Moisturiser

Ahh Sundays, the one day of the week its socially acceptable to stay in your PJ's till lunchtime. 

Even if I am just lazing round the house, I tend to still wear makeup but I just skip a few steps out. 
I mentioned in my April favourites that I had been loving Origins VitaZing moisturiser, this is a perfect Sunday face product. VitaZing is a very lightly tinted moisturiser. It looks like any normal moisturiser but when you start blending it on your skin the tint is released. Its not enough to cover any imperfections on your skin but it evens out the overall tone and gives you a nice healthy glow, plus its nice to give your skin a break from foundation every now and then.


Origins VitaZing Moisturiser

Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush on Glow BB Highlighter in 2W
I have been looking quite dark under the eyes recently after one too many late nights, so a brightening concealer is a must. I was too lazy to use a separate concealer, so I also used this on any other areas I needed extra coverage.

Chanel Moisturising Bronzing Powder in 62 Terre Epice
To add some warmth to my face. I have to say though, I have used better bronzers than this one.

Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot
I just used a bit of powder on my t-zone and chin area to mattify any shine. 

Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Beauty's Touch
I have so many other blushers I could use but I just cant stop using this. I love the sheer flush of colour this gives and the highlight leaves such a pretty glow. 


Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium
Gimme Brow is great if you are in a rush and just want to fill in you brows lightly. Its tinted and has tiny fibers which cling to your eyebrow hair and fill in any sparse areas. 

By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Frozen Quartz
If I could buy every Ombre Blackstar, in every colour available I would. You should know by now how much I love these cream eyeshadows and Frozen Quartz is such a pretty light pink shade, perfect for making you look more awake. 

MAC Opulash
Don't be fooled by the limited edition packaging, Opulash is one of MAC's permanent mascaras. I like it because it lasts all day and doesn't smudge or flake on me at all.


Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Picnic in the Park
I did a review on the Tanya Burr Lipglosses here. I was actually pleasantly surprised by them but wasn't fussed by the colours I chose online. As they are now available in Superdrug I had a look at them in person and picked up two more, Picnic in the Park and Lets Travel the World. 
I love Picnic in the Park, its such a pretty, bright but sheer pink colour, much more my style. 

Ok its now almost 2pm and I'm still in my PJ's......oh well!