Saturday, 27 October 2012

WAH Halloween Nails

Although I just did a post on Halloween nails for grown ups, I am a child at heart, so when I saw WAH's Halloween nail designs I fell in love.

If you haven't been to WAH Nails before, or have never heard of them I did a previous post on my first visit, which I will link here

I went back to WAH in Oxford Street Topshop. Topshop have a whole beauty area downstairs and I would really recommend taking a look. There's Hersheson's blow dry bar, a bleach bar, tattoos, piercing, waxing, nails, just about everything! I have booked in for a Hersheson's blow dry next Saturday so I will be sure to do a post on that to show you the results!

I went back to WAH with my friend Sophie who also had Halloween mix and match nails, these are hers above. The witch in the moon looks amazing, so intricate and the ghost is so sweet!

Here are my Spooktacular nails, I am just a little bit in love!

I also went for the mix and match, there's too many designs I love at WAH just to pick one! 

I think the vampire teeth have to be my favourite, they look amazing, so detailed, I keep staring at them!

I absolutely love WAH and would highly recommend taking a visit. The girls who work there are all so talented and lovely. Ebony did my nails this time and she did an amazing job.

I booked my appointment in advance, which I would recommend doing as they get filled up fast. To book just call Topshop Beauty on 020 7927 7844.

Sadly I have no Halloween parties to go to, but I did just go and see Paranormal Activity 4. A very average movie, but what can you expect when they are dragging it out for a 4th time! I'll just stick to Halloween nails next year!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Halloween Nails for Grown Ups!

If you want to get into the Halloween spirit but nail art isn't your thing, here are my picks for the perfect Autumn colours from Essie. 

First up, "Bahama Mama"

This is the perfect berry wine colour. It looks much more purple in the bottle then it does on the nails. I love this colour its that kind of Gothic colour I want at this time of year, reminds me of a wax seal!

From Essie's new Autumn 2012 Stylenomics collection I have picked its namesake "Stylenomics"

This and Bahama Mama are my two favourites, this is a very dark green, almost black. The green hasn't picked up as much in the photos as it does in real life but I love this colour. For some reason it reminds me of a pirate!

Next up we have "Wicked"

This is a pretty much dead on dupe for Chanel Rouge Noir, which is one of my favourite polishes of all time. The only different is that Rouge Noir is slightly redder whereas Wicked is slightly more brown in tone. But to your normal person, these two are exactly the same colour! Personally I would say pick Rouge Noir out of the two, its a cult classic and I think everyone should own it!

And finally although I'm almost 26, even I cant say no to a bit of glitter. As an alternative you could try a flake top coat. Various brands make them, but the one I have by Essie is called "Shine of the Times". These give a really cool effect on the nails and depending on the light, shine red/green/orange. The colours make me think of Autumn leaves and unlike glitter this isn't a bitch to remove!

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Retail Therapy (I blame Boots 3 for 2)

I blame Boots 3 for 2! Although I also went to John Lewis, but that's beside the point! You know when all your favourite products all run out at once and it always seems to be the expensive ones! My Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is dangerously low, my Alpha H Liquid Gold is all gone and my favourite Ojon Full Detox Shampoo leaked in my swimming bag. I honestly cried 'No, no, no, NOOOOO" when I realised. So there were a few things I needed to repurchase and then a lot of things I didn't need at all!

So the two things I actually went for....

I'm very lucky to have a brother who works for John Lewis and gets staff discount, so that eases the pain slightly. I picked up another Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I have been really enjoying using this lately, I had gone off it for ages after discovering Bioderma but now I'm right back on it. I blame laziness, just rub it all over your face and wipe off with a muslin cloth. It makes my face feel really clean, but I will say its not the best at getting waterproof mascara off. I got the large 200ml size which is about £24 (ouch) but lasts ages.

After the swimming bag disaster I knew I couldn't be without my Ojon Full Detox Shampoo. I wont go on about it again, as I just raved about it in my last post (Beauty Graveyard) buts lets just say I'm very happy to be reunited and this little baby will not be going in my swimming bag ever again!

Onto the things I didn't go for!....

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask - I have been wanting to try this after hearing Fleur de Force rave about it and having picked up Alpha H Liquid Gold on her recommendation I have complete faith. Like Liquid Gold this contains Glycolic Acid so I'm expecting good, noticeable results. I will let you know once I have tried it! This was £30, so if I don't like it, its probably a good thing!

Dior Lip Liner in Natural Beige - I blame LisaLisaD1 on YouTube for this entirely. I love Lisa she is one of my favourite people to watch and some of my favourite products have come from her recommendations. This is my third Dior Lipliner, I have Linen, Candy Rose and now Natural Beige (all because of Lisa may I add!) They are really lovely on the lips, the colour blends but also lasts and I just love the colour range. I highly recommend these.

I have a really bad habit of going into Boots after work. You know when you have a crappy day and you just need that instant fix. Well Boots is my drug! Plus its 3 for 2 on all make up, amazing!

Barry M seem to have released loads of new glitters and they were so sparkly I couldn't resist! I got Rose Quartz Glitter (349) which looks like it could be a dupe for OPI's Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection, which I had to throw away because it went all gloopy :'( On a side note, that is one thing that puts me off buying expensive glitter nail polishes. They don't have a long shelf life so I love that Barry M are now extending their range! I also got Amethyst Glitter (354) which reminds me of a tin of Roses, all purple and blue and shiny! Last but not least I got Gold Mine Glitter (355) which is a gold glitter in a black opaque base (good for Halloween!)

I also picked up 2 Essie polishes, Wicked which I have wanted to try for ages. I'm sure its a dead on dupe for Chanel Rouge Noir which I already own but I couldn't find anyone that had compared the 2 online so I will do that for you! I also got Bahama Mama which is that perfect Autumn dark purple kind of a colour.

Make up wise, I didn't actually get that much but I really don't need any more make up! I got the Revlon lip butter in Creme Brule because Anna from The Style Diet on YouTube was raving about it (YouTube is the worst enabler!) I am actually really glad I got this, I was worried it would be too nude for me but it looks lovely over the top of my new Dior lip liner purchase (Natural Beige) or I also really like it over Rimmel Spice lip liner.

I picked up the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush because I have never seen it in stores before and I love my Real Techniques Buffing Brush so much. The Real Techniques face brushes are amazing for applying foundation, I would recommend these over Sigma brushes. I had to throw away my Sigma angled kabuki brush because it had a huge dent in the middle from shedding so much, my large tapered face brush from Sigma looks like its heading the same way too, so I really do not recommend Sigma for their face brushes. Just a little FYI for you there!

And finally because it was 3 for 2 I got another one of my beloved Loreal False Lash Telescopic Mascaras (waterproof black) so we will never be parted!

I promise I will try to be good now!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Beauty Graveyard

I love using up products which is probably half the reason I love doing my Beauty Graveyard posts so much. If you haven't read one of my Beauty Graveyard posts before, they are basically just mini reviews on all the products I have used up recently. 

As much as I love trying new things I'm pretty loyal with the products I love. Once I find a product that works for me I will stick to it and repurchase it again and again. I have decided to add a little star next to the products that have appeared in previous Beauty Graveyards, that way you can see which products I really rate. 

Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo - The Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo from Organix appeared in my last Beauty Graveyard post and I really didn't rate it very highly but I love the Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo. This leaves my hair so smooth and sleek, I feel like a young Cher! I really recommend both the shampoo and conditioner and I have already repurchased both. I don't think you can go wrong when it only costs £6.99 from Boots.

E45 Moisturising Lotion * - My favourite body moisturiser. E45 moisturises but doesn't leave you sticky, its amazing!

Marc Jacobs Hibiscus EDT - Part of Marc's Tropical Splash range, Hibiscus was my go to summer scent. After sniffing this my mum purchased "Rain" from the collection and that is equally lovely. I would definitely buy another fragrance from the range next Summer.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic - This is one of Liz Earle's most famous products. It might sound strange but I love the slightly medicinal smell this toner has, it makes me feel like its doing my skin good! I know that's not scientific in the least. This is a very refreshing toner, doesn't make my skin feel tight at all and its great for getting the last bits of your make up off after cleansing. This too has already been repurchased.

MAC Eyebrows "Lingering" * - Best eyebrow pencil ever, the narrow tip makes it so easy to add the tiniest of strokes to your eyebrows and Lingering is very much a universal colour. This pencil is so good that I've got my two best friends on it now. Each of us even has a back up one stashed away because we are so paranoid about it running out!

Ojon Full Detox Shampoo - This is a deep cleansing shampoo by Ojon which I have fallen in love with. Ojon recommend using this once a week to remove impurities and product build up. I would use this every time I wash my hair if I could, so I have settled for every other wash. If you have greasy hair this is a must. Sometimes I can wash my hair and it still doesn't feel completely clean especially if I wash it at night, its almost greasy again the next morning! But when I use this my hair feels so clean, light and fresh but it doesn't feel stripped or dry, it just feels so clean! Honestly if you don't suffer from greasy hair you probably wont know what I'm banging on about, but this is my second bottle I have been through and I would not be without this!

L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Waterproof Mascara - Simply, THE BEST MASCARA (apologies but capitals are necessary). Please note this is specifically the waterproof version as I haven't tried the regular! This gives me the longest lashes that stay curled all day and this is the first mascara that I have used which doesn't transfer on me (not even on the bottom lashes) I'm on my third tube already!

Bioderma Crealine H20 * - My favourite make up remover, feels like water on the skin. The only thing that annoys me is how quickly I get through it!

L'Oreal Professional Solar Sublime After Sun Nourishing Balm - L'Oreal's Solar Sublime range is amazing, different products to protect and care for your hair following sun exposure. I used the shampoo and conditioner on holiday and my hair didn't dry out, or get knotty or frizzy at all, plus this smells divine! I want to use it all year round!

Elemis Fresh Skin Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash - So Elemis now have a range in Superdrug, who knew! I was very excited when I saw this. I'm guessing its a diffusion range similar to what Boots have done with Essie. Sadly though I wasn't that keen on this facial exfoliator. Since discovering Alpha H's Liquid Gold I really haven't cared much for gritty exfoliators and I just don't really feel this did anything to my skin.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild - This must be donkey's years old and was lying around in my swimming bag. Lets just say I'm glad its gone!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair - This is just a diddly sample size bottle but it lasted me a good while. I really enjoyed using this and am very tempted to purchase the full size (I just don't want to spend the money!) You put this on cleansed face before bed (I personally don't follow with a moisturiser but you can if you wish). In the morning my skin looks and feels brighter, smoother and plumper. I can see why this is such a cult product.

Avene Eau Thermale Thermale Spring Water - Water in a can? Actually very refreshing, I like the mini size to keep in my bag in the summer to spray on my face after particularly sweaty train journeys on just to have a permanent mist spraying on my face on those really hot days. Not a necessity by any means and not something I would have any use for in the Autumn/Winter months but a nice product none the less.

Moroccanoil * - I solemnly swear that I will never, ever be without this. EVER. Holy grail, without it my hair is quite literally shit!

Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream - I hate bad packaging and this shower cream was too thick to get out of the bottle, causing a lot of faffing about for an average product. Not a fan.

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil - From one naff shower cream to an amazing one. This feels so luxurious and moisturising on your skin, I am a little bit hooked. The downside is that its £16 but it is a wonderful product.

Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Daily Calming Moisturiser - This is the first thing I have tried from the Yes to range. Yes to really appeal to me as brand with their all natural products, I think they have got their branding spot on. I enjoyed this moisturiser, I will be honest it wasn't amazing and I have tried better but I like the fact its natural ingredients. I have now bought the Yes to Tomatoes moisturiser which I am excited to try!

*'s represent how many times a product has appeared in the Beauty Graveyard post

Monday, 8 October 2012

MAC Marilyn makes me happy :)

After months of tweeting and googling and ooohing and aaaahing the MAC Marilyn collection finally arrived. As expected the collection sold like hot cakes but even I was shocked to see how much had sold out within a day. These are the MAC collections I love, a great collaboration and great packaging!

Marilyn kisses

I can't tell you how excited I was to come home to this bad boy after a long day at work!

The lipsticks: Love Goddess, Scarlet Ibis, Charmed I'm Sure and Deeply Adored

Love Goddess, is a bright pink with a satin finish. This is my favourite of the four lipsticks I got, bright but wearable and I love the stain this leaves on the lips.

Scarlet Ibis - The one I was most excited about and in my favourite finish, matte! An orange red, as you know I have been loving the R'Orange's this month. This is a lovely colour, I really think MAC's matte lipsticks don't get enough love!

Charmed I'm Sure, this actually looks darker in real life then in the photo. A beautiful deep red and another matte finish WAHEY!

Deeply Adored - Matte as well, I have to be in a brave mood when I wear this. This is very dark and vampy but perfect for Autumn/Winter. I think I will have to channel my inner Marilyn when wearing this!

From left to right - Love Goddess (my fave), Scarlet Ibis, Charmed I'm Sure and Deeply Adored

I love the pictures they have used on the packaging, with the red writing too, is it sad that I got this just to have in my bag!

Beauty Powder in Forever Marilyn

MAC Beauty Powders are general multi taskers, depending on the shade and your skin tone, you can use them as an all over setting powder, blush, bronzer, highlight or contour. Personally I would use Forever Marilyn as an all over setting powder. At the moment I am a too tanned for it after my holiday but I will definitely be making use of this in the winter months.

Now, my favourite thing of the whole collection and the one thing I almost didn't order. The blush in "The Perfect Cheek" If your local MAC has any of the collection left or you do end up in a manic eBay treasure hunt, this is the one thing I would really, really recommend. I love this blush and I don't have any colours at all like it. Its a lovely neutral pink, that looks very natural and I like the fact that you can pack quite a bit on without it looking too much. I am so pleased I got this, its true love!

Forever Marilyn beauty powder on the left and The Perfect Cheek blush on the right.

I really hope you all managed to get what you wanted before they sold out. Is anyone else already imagining and getting excited by the next big MAC collaboration?!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Sleep-In Rollers

There must be a part of me, deep deep down, hidden away, that wants to be Amy Child's, otherwise what explains this random Boots purchase!

So the idea is simple, velcro rollers that you can sleep in! A GENIUS idea. I love the effect rollers give but I do not have the time in the morning to a) put them in and b) leave them in my hair for long enough to give any effect. Now I have to confess that I have tried to sleep in normal velcro rollers before, its painful, and a week later you end up finding a stray roller under your pillow, so I was intrigued to try these out.

I will apologise in advance for the poor picture quality, all taken at night or early morning on my phone!

For £19.50 you get 20 rollers (all the same size) and a pink wash type bag to keep them in. I think 20 rollers is great, I hate it when you only get about 10 and its just not enough! For reference I used 18 in my hair.

You need to put the rollers in dry hair and you need to secure them with a hair clip (kirby grips/bobby pins) whatever you want to call them will do the job! There are some instructions on the pack which advise the best ways to put the rollers in, but I just curled all my rollers upwards. To get all the rollers in my hair took about 20 minutes.

So once all the rollers are in your hair you should look something like this......hopefully much less hideous! You will have to excuse me, but it was bed time!

OK so what was it like sleeping in them................When I first lied down and put my head on the pillow I was not impressed, my head felt as if it was about 2 feet of the pillow on a bed of velcro. Which to be honest sounds about right! These rollers are spongy so they do squish but you still have 18 velcro rollers in your hair. Once you get comfy though its fine, but it is annoying trying to get your head in that perfect position every time you roll over!

The next morning they advise you to leave them in your hair for as long as possible, so I did all my normal make up and took the rollers out right at the last minute.

Now I will have to say here that getting them out your hair isn't a particularly enjoyable job. Obviously from moving around in the night your hair does get more tangled and I found some of the rollers on the back of my head were a bit of a nightmare and it did make me cringe pulling my hair out, BUT I was very happy with the finished effect.

Now I had washed and dried my hair that night and I have pin straight hair so I probably would have seen a more noticeable effect on day 2 hair but none the less I was very pleased.

My hair had a lovely "bounce" to it with just the right amount of volume, so I didn't feel like a weather girl! This is my hair straight out the rollers, I didn't put any product in and I only had to brush down a few fly aways at the back.

For me I think it looks like Ive just had a professional blow dry (whilst sleeping!) A marked improvement on my usual wash and go hair (quite literally wash and go may I add!).

All in all I am very happy with these rollers and for my moans about them not being the most comfortable things, I am going to use them again tonight, so it cant be that bad really. Beauty is pain mantra ;) I would definitely recommend these over normal velcro rollers because I don't think anyone, unless you're Betty Draper has the time for them!

I got mine at Boots but you can also get them from Sleep Rollers

P.S What I didn't mention is that when I stepped outside it was pissing it down (yeah thanks a lot England!)