Monday, 27 December 2010

Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps

I have been wanting to try these nail wraps by Nail Rocks for ages, so I was chuffed to get these pink velvet leopard skin ones for my birthday. Sadly the love affair is over.
First of all these are a right pain in the arse to apply! If you have no patience and get bored simply waiting for your nails to dry, then run away in horror now!

There are step by step instructions on the back of the pack, which I would recommend strictly following if you are to stand any hope!

First you have to file and shape your nails. You will also need to push any excess cuticle back.

Then you have to buff the nail to remove any shine, in order for the wraps to stick.

Remove the wraps and place on your nail, heat the wrap with a hairdryer and push firmly down on one side, apply heat again and press firmly down on the other side, apply heat again and press firmly down on the whole nail. This needs to be repeated for each nail.....that's right x10!

For the excess wrap at the end of your nail, the instructions tell you to simply file this away in a downward motion. THIS DOES NOT WORK ARGH! The nail wrap is too thick and impossible to file. I ended up just cutting the ends off with scissors. I then tried to file again just to shape, but this just created ugly tear marks.

Mmmm pretty! Also as you can see in this picture, there are areas where the wrap has not stuck. There is only so much heat your fingers can withstand!

I could tell straight away that these, were not going to last long. The edges were peeling and were so rough it was uncomfortable. After a few hours I couldn't bear it anymore and peeled them all off.

I am so disappointed by these, for the time and effort you put in the result is utterly crap! Its such a shame as well. From a distance they actually look really nice and they have a lovely shine to them, but as soon as you get up close you see all is not well!

Now you might be thinking maybe its just me, but my best friend bought these nail wraps before me and had exactly the same problem and hers only lasted a day. I have also read some reviews and these have not fared well. My recommendation would be to try the cheaper version nail wraps as they are thinner so will adhere to the nail easier and be easier to file down.

But as far as Nail Rock goes....don't waste your money!

Availability: Topshop, ASOS and various other online stores

Price: Varies roughly £6.50

Repurchase? NO

R.I.P LiLash

As you can tell from the beat up old bottle, my tube of LiLash has met its end :(

I've used this bad boy right up until the end, getting every last drop out of it but there is literally nothing left now, which is gutting to say the least.

You can read my previous post here to see the amazing results I've had from using LiLash

I have been without LiLash probably for almost 2 months now and I've noticed my eyelashes are beginning to return back to their stubby state. As much as it pains me to shell out for another one, the results of this product are phenomenal and I have loved it. I have been unable to repurchase as there have been no UK sellers selling LiLash on eBay and I didn't want to risk having to pay a heavy customs charge on top by buying from a US seller and the Powder Rooms which is the only other place I can find it, have been out of stock.

But my luck is in, as I checked tonight and its back in stock so a replacement has been ordered! Just don't remind me about the price!

Availability: eBay (This is where I purchased my first tube of LiLash, obviously whenever using eBay use your common sense)

Price: Ranges on eBay but £88 from

Repurchase? Yes already have ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

R.I.P Pantene Aqua Light Lightweight Nourishing Mist

I have been reading lots of good reviews about the Pantene Aqua Light range, I also don't seem to be able to escape those Cat Deely TV adverts!

I don't use Pantene normally because of the whole silicone controversy, a lot of people dislike Pantene as it contains a lot of silicone which makes your hair shiny but does not wash out and over time builds up a residue in your hair. The new Aqua Light range apparently contains very little to no silicone.

I used the nourishing mist on the ends of my hair. My hair is great I get greasy roots after about a day and dry ends from colour abuse. Combination hair, just like my skin! So on the days where I have dry shampooed my hair but the ends needed some moisture I sprayed this in. I really liked this product and have used it up surprisingly quickly. It does not weigh your hair down at all, smells lovely and leaves your hair feeling much softer. I would highly recommend this and would definitely repurchase

Availability: Supermarkets, Drugstores

Price for 150ml: £3.99 but on offer in many places

Repurchase? Yes ♥

Orly It's Not Rocket Science

I am a big fan of Orly, I discovered it whilst I was at college studying Beauty Therapy. I have never seen Orly products in the shops but if you search online there's loads of places to buy.

It's Not Rocket Science is from the Cosmic FX collection. If you missed out on the MAC Venomous Villains collection. There are 2 polishes in the Orly Cosmic FX collection which are exact dupes for Mean and Green and Formidable! I heard that this collection was hard to find but I purchased It's not Rocket Science from eBay and they had all the other colours available.

This colour is very green, from other swatches online I thought it would be more goldy but no its very green. As I have been loving Mean & Green from MAC's Venomous Villains I thought this would be along similar lines but no, this is swamp monster green!

I was a bit on the fence about this polish but since removing it today my mind has been made up. After only being on my nails for 2 days this has stained them like a mother! Overall very disappointed.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

R.I.P Maybelline The Falsies Mascara :(

Its the end of the road for this bad boy. I have loved this mascara and can't recommend it enough. It gives both length and volume and all for £7.99! What I liked most about this mascara is the brush. I hate the plastic brush applicators (think Max Factor False Lash Effect) bristle brushes all the way! The curved design is what makes it unique and makes application a doddle, its also the perfect size as you are able to get to every lash.

I will definitely be repurchasing this mascara, but first I have to use up MAC Opulash which isn't bad, but its not my Falsies :(

Face Of The Day

The problem with being a make up hoar is that a lot of really good products get forgotten about but when you find them again its a very special moment! I'm talking about you Dior Amber Treasure Eyeshadow Palette!

I'm currently listening to The Wombats and its putting me in the best mood! It also makes me want to live up North ;)

Anyway roll on the slap:


♥ MAC Face & Body Foundation
♥ Benefit Boing Concealer
♥ Bare Minerals Multi Tasking Minerals
NARS Casino Bronzer


♥ Bit of cheap Boots lipbalm!


♥ DIOR 5 Colour Eyeshadow
Palette "Amber Treasure 360"

Clinique Gel Liner

♥ MAC Opulash Mascara

Presents for me :)

So I just turned 24. I'm slowly starting to realise that I'm not 21 anymore. I don't feel grown up enough to be 24! I feel like your mid 20s are in general a really awkward time! But having nice birthday presents always helps take the edge off ;)

So for my birthday I got....

* A framed signed picture of Xander (Nicholas Brendan) from Buffy! Haha this was a surprise present from my best friend and I love it! I am a huge huge Buffy fan, my Buffy box set is my most prized possession!

* Lady Gaga Heartbeat Headphones

* Red Cherry Dr Martins (I have wanted a pair for ages but was worried I might look like a very butch prison inmate! But after seeing Jessica Alba in the same pair I was swayed)

* Lauren Conrad Style Book

* LA Ink Season 3 (I'm a big Kat Von D fan and love her style)

* Thomas Sabo Deer Skull Pendant

* Snow Leopard Furry Hat from River Island

* Hello Kitty Headphones :)

* Flying Lanterns

* MAC Venomous Villains Truth & Light Magically Cool Liquid Powder, Evil Queen Eyeshadow "Vainglorious" Dr Facillier Greasepaint Stick "Slickest Black"

* Me and Zena Vampire Teeth Necklace - LOVE THIS

* Silly bands! (I know time to grow up)

* Nail Rock Pink Leopard stickers

* Harajuku Girls Perfume

* Perfume atomiser for my handbag (As I'm known to carry 4 perfumes around in my bag at a time!)

Wouldn't it be nice to get presents everyday!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Snow White got bit!

I thought I would share with you all some pictures from my birthday. My birthday is the 26th October so as its near Halloween I decided fancy dress was in order! For the theme I combined my 2 loves....Disney and Vampires and no I wasn't turning 15 (I wish) it was my 24th birthday......time to grow up........ NEVER

I went as Snow White, with me I had Cruella De Vil, Captain Hook and Minnie Mouse. The 2nd picture was taken in the chicken shop afterwards! I love this picture really makes me laugh and I think that pretty much sums us up! We went to The Clapham Grand in London for their Halloween Ball. It was a wicked night, slightly disturbing seeing all these people in masks. I felt a bit like Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut except I wasn't feeling as erotic!

With my make up I really wanted to look like a Cullen, I didn't want it to look like I was wearing a face full of white paint because that looks naff, I wanted to look dead. I also wanted to look scary True Blood style soooo a lot of thought went into this make up application.

Now I really have to thank Dusty O Hunter for this. If you don't watch Dusty on YouTube then give yourself a tiny slap round the cheek. I love his videos he's one of those people that you really wish was your friend :) Except he would probably hate me as seems to be a very neat, tidy person and I on the other hand am like a explosion of filth. His videos are very informative, original and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into them. This is now the 2nd Dusty tip I have followed and loved. The first being applying MAC's Liquid Lurex as an eyeshadow! L.O.V.E. Maybe I should start doing everything he says...maybe you should too........

I'm currently watching Empire Records whilst typing this and I am getting quite distracted by AJ, such a 90s grunge hotty and I'm having Liv Tyler envy! Anyway I digress.

So I was watching Dustys guide to MAC Foundations and he mentioned that MAC's Face & Body came in white, he then did a little demo on how to apply it and it was exactly what I was looking for! As face and body is sheer it doesn't give you that white face paint mask. Sadly this is a MAC Pro item. Soooo off I trotted to the MAC Pro store in London, which is just off Carnaby Street if you're wondering.

I just have to have a tiny rant here. I hate the MAC Pro store. Just because I don't have bright purple eyeshadow over half my face and forehead doesn't mean I know anything about make up.

Anywayyyyys, these are the products I used for my Snow White got bit look:

Face: MAC Face & Body White - MAC Pro
MAC Prep & Prime Translucent Powder - MAC
MAC Eyeshadows in "Copperplate" and "Coquette" to Contour - MAC

Eyes: MAC Eyeshadows in "Brule" and "Coppertone" - MAC
Urban Decay False Lashes "Lure" - Urban Decay (Debenhams £11) Love these!
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara - Maybelline
Colour Vue New Moon Contact Lenses - ( £15.99)

Lips: MAC Lipstick in "Russian Red" - MAC
MAC Eyeshadow in "Carbon" - MAC (To darken and contour my lips)
Fake Gel Blood - Snazaroo (I bought this on ebay for about £4)

I have to say I was really impressed with the colour contacts I used. I have never worn contacts before so I was slightly apprehensive but they were actually really easy to put in and take out. The colour was wicked as well, exactly the Cullen colour I was looking for. These are the Colour Vue brand and I bought mine from for £15.99 they have a whole range of Twilight inspired lenses so check them out, cheap prices and fast delivery no complaints there!

Now I am going to bed, its 1.23am and tomorrow/today is Sunday. Why are Sundays so depressing?

* Your mum insists on cooking a Roast Dinner. If its a particularly bad Sunday its going to be a Pork roast dinner too and the carrots will have been boiled for the good part of 3 hours. I hate roasts
* The only thing on TV is Songs of Praise or the Antiques Roadshow.
* Because you're roast dinner was eaten at some stupid time, late afternoon 3pm, you are hungry at about 8pm and end up eating some thing like cheese and crackers or sardines on toast, or anything that's sat in a tin for years. Its such an English thing! On a Sunday England reverts back to the 1900's
* Sunday marks the end of the weekend and is a reminder that I have to go back to my mind numbingly boring office job that I desperately hate.

With that ray of sunshine I'm off, night all ;)

Illamasqua Art of Darkness 4 Colour Liquid Metal Palette

I am loving one of my most recently acquired purchases from the new Illamasqua collection, Art of Darkness.

The 4 colour liquid metal palette can be used on anywhere on the face and body but I have been using mine as cream colour eyeshadows or as an eyeshadow base.

The 4 colours in the palette (clockwise from top left) are: Stoic (emerald Green) Solstice (gold) Superior (burgundy coppery red) Resolute (blue)

My personal favourite is "Superior" as it makes my blue eyes stand out and I tend to gravitate towards these kinds of colours anyway.

These colours are beautifully creamy and so easy to apply, I apply them with my fingers as I like that smudgy rocky look. These also make great bases to apply eyeshadow and they are long lasting. I really would recommend this palette. I bought mine from and it cost me about £29, so its not cheap but I think well worth it. I am so impressed with this palette that I have put the liquid metal palette from the Body Electrics collection on my Christmas list :)

This is a look I did using "Superior" as a base with MAC Blue Brown pigment on top.

And this is another look using "Resolute" with some colours from my Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume III hope this gives you some ideas! I highly recommend you rush out and buy this awesome palette!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

R.I.P James Brown London Serum

I've used up quite a few products this month which makes me happy first up is a product is James Brown's hair serum.

If you aren't familiar, James Brown is the hairdresser to Kate Moss....he is also a sex machine ;)

His hair products line can be found in Boots although I have noticed his Scandalous range of products are also available in Superdrug now. Its strange though as the Superdrug products don't mention his name on the packaging anymore and Boots appear to have reduced their stocks dramatically. I do remember reading somewhere that he was filing for bankruptcy which might be something to do with this change but its a real shame as I'm a massive fan of this brand.

The thing I like best about James Brown products is the smell, all of the products smell gorgeous and have a very unique smell that I can identify straight away. I would buy everything based on the smell alone! The serum is no exception, it has his signature smell and I love it.

Each product has a description on the back, along with directions.

"Serum adds shine and protects hair from the elements but many people use too much which can make hair feel oily. Use a small amount; you can always add more. I've found that red seaweed extract gives the 'slip' and shine of silicone without the build up. I've added provitamin B5 for condition and the antixoxidant white tea"

I have really enjoyed using this serum, it doesn't weigh your hair down like some serums can and I find it doesn't matter if you put a little too much in your hair as it can be very easily rubbed in. I just run it through the ends of my hair when its wet and that's pretty much all I do. I don't blowdry my hair as its been damaged enough with hair dye! I find just using this serum makes my straggly ends look sleaker and of course makes my hair smell gorgeous.

I cannot recommend James Brown products enough, purely for the smell alone! I would definitely repurchase this serum except I have a Lee Stafford one I have to use first! But I'm missing the smell already. Big thumbs up

October Favourites

I have been slacking on the blogging front lately, October has been a really busy month for me, that's my excuse anyway ;) I love this time of year, I love the colours of Autumn the trees look beautiful and I've really been enjoying experimenting with my make up this month. I love to watch monthly favourite videos on YouTube so here's the products I have been loving in October:

Mac Face and Body Foundation

Bare Minerals Multi Tasking Minerals "Bisque"

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

MAC Mean & Green Nail Varnish

Monday, 18 October 2010

God bless you LiLash

Goodbye short stubby eyelashes

Before: Eyelashes curled with an eyelash curler + mascara

And hello to these beauties!
After: Just mascara no eyelash curler used at all! Sorry the pictures a bit darker on this one, I took the 2nd picture at night without flash, as the flash was creating too many shadows
So eyelash enhancers have been big news in America for a while and they are finally arriving here. I did my research and one name kept cropping up.....LiLash. Apart from all the rave reviews the one major selling point of LiLash was the fact that there had been no reported changes in eye colour from anyone who had used this product. This is the one negative side effect of eyelash serums that really scares me and has put me off trying any of these types of products for a long time.

I bought my LiLash from eBay as it is an American product its quite hard to find over here in the UK. I know some people are a bit wary of purchasing products like this off eBay but just use your common sense and only buy from UK or US sellers. Now this stuff doesn't come cheap.....when I purchased mine it cost me about £70! I paid a little bit more as I bought it from a UK seller, so I didn't have to pay any shipping.

The product is like a clear liquid eyeliner. It has a very small thin brush, just like a liquid liner and you apply it to your upper lash line just like liquid liner. In the instructions they say you can apply it in the morning before you apply the rest of your makeup or at night when you've removed your makeup. One of the bonuses of this product for me is that I regularly got into the habit of taking my makeup off every night because I wanted to apply this!

It has taken about 6 weeks for me to notice the difference and it is a huge difference. At first its hard to notice as you tend to find yourself inspecting your eyelashes every single day! But I can really tell the difference and I think the pictures reflect that. I never have to curl my lashes now either, in the first picture my eyelashes have been curled before mascara in the 2nd picture that's just mascara. I haven't touched my eyelash curler in weeks as LiLash gives your lashes that natural curl. I can now feel my lashes hitting my brow bone and I have become prone to stroking them without realising!

Now one of the things I should point out is that your eyelashes have a natural growth cycle, they fall out regularly and regrow. Obviously when this happens you will have a combination of a few shorter lashes but this is unavoidable.

Combined with my LiLash the other product I have been using is L'Oreal Renewal Lash Serum

This product does not increase the growth or length of your eyelashes, it strengthens your lashes and stops them falling out so quickly. So your lashes appear thicker as they are not falling out as regularly, therefore you have more!

Unlike my LiLash I don't apply this everyday, maybe 3 times a week or more depending. This product is a lot more affordable at roughly £8 but you will not get the same results as this doesn't encourage eyelash growth.

This product comes with no outer packaging or instructions which is very helpful! I bought this on a whim and then had to search online for how to use it. Very poor L'Oreal.

You apply this to your upper lash line and also to your lashes, I tend to apply my LiLash to the upper lash line and then just run the L'Oreal serum through my lashes.

Now I have noticed that my LiLash is starting to run a little thin on the ground, there's still a lot of product on there but it did have me panicking about repurchasing. This is a very expensive product works! How many mascaras have you been sucked into buying for their false lash claims. How many times have you been disappointed with them and thought what a waste of money! I'll give you an example....YSL Faux Cils Mascara.....very popular and very expensive. This mascara will set you back at least £22 and it doesn't last long at all. I would say maximum shelf life for this mascara 3 months...max. Obviously if you have naturally long eyelashes then save your money this isn't the product for you (PS I hate you) but if like me you have always dreamed of ridiculously long eyelashes then with this product you can get them.

I know there are some cheaper alternatives on the market such as RapidLash which is about £40 in Boots but I've read quite a few bad reviews on this product including eyelashes falling out and I haven't heard the same rave reviews about RapidLash as I have LiLash so do your research.

I will definitely be repurchasing LiLash and I would 100% recommend it

Sunday, 10 October 2010

MAC Venomous Villains!

Ooh it feels like Christmas! As I'm sure you all know MAC Venomous Villains was released this week. I think it was released online on Tuesday and then released in stores on Thursday. I hope you all got your orders in as most of the products have now sold out online and in stores :( Personally i cant believe how quickly this collection sold out, even items such as the nail varnishes which weren't in special packaging, sold out straight away.

Being a huge MAC and Disney fan I have been waiting for this collection for months (that's my excuse anyway) So me and my best friend placed our orders online on the day of release. I tried to show some self restraint and only ordered the items I really wanted.......but then we both had regrets and seeing how fast everything was selling out, my friend went into our local MAC on the day of release and purchased a few more items! Also as its my birthday at the end of October I have asked for the last few items I wanted as birthday presents. So I basically got everything I wanted :) Now I'm on a strict no make up buying ban for the rest of the year!

Maleficent's Collection

This was the part of the collection I purchased the most products from and in my opinion the best products were Maleficent's.

So, I purchased:

Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo "My Dark Magic"
Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo "She Who Dares"
Lipstick "Violetta"
Lipstick "Dark Deed" This was given to me on my work experience :)
Lipgloss "Revenge is Sweet"
Nail Varnish "Formidable!"
Nail Varnish "Mean Green" (Not pictured as waiting for this to arrive)

The Evil Queens Collection:

From this part of the collection I purchased:

Beauty Powder "Oh So Fair" (I decided to only get one beauty powder, as I'm not sure how much use I will actually get out of them. So I just picked the one with the nicest packaging which was the Evil Queen)
Lipstick "Toxic Tale"
Eyeshadow "Vainglorious" (This was another lovely surprise from my work experience)

Cruella's Collection:

I purchased:

Lipstick "Heartless"
Eyeshadow "De-Vil"

(I have asked for Sweet Joy eyeshadow as a birthday present)

Dr Facillier's Collection:

All I purchased from the last part of the collection was:

Greasepaint Stick "French Quarter"

For my Birthday I have asked for Magically Cool Liquid Powder in "Truth and Light" and the 2nd Greasepaint stick.


The products that I really rate and think are must haves are:

The 2 mineralize eyeshadow duos from Maleficent's collection. They are both beautiful colours, very pigmented and look great when applied to the eyes.

Nail Varnish in "Mean and Green" although mine hasn't arrived yet, I tried out my friends and I keep finding myself staring at my one painted thumb nail! In some lights its green, then gold, then purple. A really unique colour.

Lipstick "Heartless" from Cruella's collection. A beautiful perfect red. I think all skin tones could wear this, the texture, the application I love everything about this.

Now repeat after me, must not buy anymore make up ever!!!!!

Ojon Ultra Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner

This is a part R.I.P post and part review, as so far I have only used up the shampoo but what the hell.
I purchased this shampoo and conditioner at The Cosmetics Company Store in Bicester Village. Basically its an Estee Lauder outlet, so they sell a lot of discontinued Estee Lauder, MAC, Clinique and Bobbi Brown products. I needed a new shampoo and conditioner and I'd never used an Ojon product before so I thought I would give it a whirl.
I loved the shampoo, it felt really moisturising and I've never felt that with a shampoo before. Like I've said before my hair has been ravaged from dying it blonde, then brown, then blonde, then brown! So normally when I use a shampoo my hair still feels really dry and knotty and I cant wait to slap on a ton of conditioner but this shampoo felt like a conditioner, my hair felt clean, detangled and hydrated. I really was impressed, I didn't feel like I even needed a conditioner after using this.
The Conditioner on the other hand........crap! First of all its really thick, and because of the bottle its in you proper have to shake it to get anything out. It's just like a glass tomato ketchup bottle, you know that frustration of shaking it to the point you feel like your arm is dislocated. So for a product that's thick, you would think, really moisturising....No. I just felt this did nothing, my hair still had tangles in after using this, didn't feel soft or hydrated just a big let down. I've used much better hydrating conditioners which were also a lot cheaper.

I will definitely not repurchase the conditioner, I would repurchase the shampoo and I was genuinely impressed by it but Ojon products are expensive and harder to find so I wouldn't go out of my way, but it really was a great shampoo.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Malificent Dark Deed Lipstick

So here in all its beautiful glory is my freebie lipstick, as mentioned in my post below! The MAC Venomous Villains collection was launched online yesterday and looks like quite a few products have sold out already including all 3 Maleficent nail varnishes and Oh So Fair The Evil Queens beauty powder. I placed my order yesterday morning so hopefully it should arrive soon and of course I'll post some pictures on here :)

Dark Deed is a colour that looks very different in real life to all the swatches and promo images. It looks brown but in real life its a dark wine colour, perfect for Winter. I love dark lips and the whole vamp vibe with the darker colours that are around this time of the year, so much sexier then summer's pastels and rainbow colours!

I know a lot of people online have said they don't like the images on the packaging and would prefer the sketched drawings that are on the outer packaging but I'm the opposite, its Disney, its meant to be cartoony. The lipsick feels very luxe, heavier then a normal MAC lipstick and I love how shiny the back packaging is. Basically I love everything about this collection and I cant wait for my order to arrive :)

I hope they release a Disney villains part 2 with Ursula and Jafar seeing as this collection has been so popular.

Monday, 4 October 2010

I met Pixie Lott!!!!

I met Pixie Lott la la la la la and I have this terrible picture of me with her to prove it! Seriously could I be any more pale! That was very Chandler wasn't it.

So I have been doing work experience at Reveal Magazine and I got the amazing opportunity to go to Pixie Lotts launch party for her latest range of Lipsy clothes. It was at the Gilgamesh in Camden which was an amazing venue and somewhere I have never been. Now in my defence I did not know I was attending this party until that morning, by this point I had already done a whole days work and didn't even have so much as a pressed powder to blot away shine! So please excuse my appearance!

So me and Charlotte, the other girl on work experience went who was lovely and we had such a good time. It was such a random night and something I've never done before! Plus I think we over indulged on the free drinks and being a bit tipsy makes everything better ;)

I had my eyes on the prize and the celebrities I spotted were Danille Lloyd, The new one from the Sugababes...Jade is it? Mollie from The Saturdays, Tinchy Strider, Chipmunk, Emily Atack from the Inbetweeners, Konnie Huq, Kinga, Imogen and Nicky Graham from Big Brother, Sarah Cawood and I'm sure there were a few others but I cant remember.

Now I am a Pixie Lott fan I think she is gorgeous and I love love love her style, mainly for all the jewellery and accessories she wears. To me she is like a modern day Bridgette Bardot with all the blonde hair and black eyes. So I saw her standing there and I thought, Laura you're only going to get this moment once so I went up and asked her for a picture and she was really really lovely. I think its definitely made me a bigger fan, plus she looks even more gorgeous in person.

This really has made my week, month, year! Seriously I've had such a crappy past year so to come and work for 2 weeks at Reveal and go to this amazing party really has been amazing and I'm extremely grateful. I just don't want to go back to my regular job now, I want to be a beauty assistant sooooo bad :(

I will do some more posts on my work experience plus the the lovely beauty editor gave me a MAC Venomous Villains lipstick! AHHHHHH and the collection wasn't even released until today AHHHHH and it was Maleficent my fave AHHHH and I wore it today AHHHH and yesterday AHHHH and Friday AHHHH. How annoying am I? But seriously I remember when the Venomous Villains images were first leaked online months ago and I have never been so excited about a collection, so to be handed that lipstick OMG I know its probably extremely shallow to shed tears of joy over a lipstick but I think for this lipstick an exception must be made! I feel extremely lucky :)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

R.I.P Benefit Powderflage

Ahh the pride continues another product gone!
Benefit Powderflage is an under eye concealer that's a powder, I have mixed feelings on this product.

I am one who definitely needs to powder under my eyes otherwise I end up a big smudgy mascara mess, but normal powder can make you look really cakey. That's what I liked about Powderflage. I used my regular concealer then powdered on top with this. It didn't look at all caked, felt nice and matte and no smudging. BUT I don't think it illuminated nothing! You could not achieve the Kim Kardashian under eye with this little bad boy. Which is such a shame, cos I loved everything else about it :( surely it would be really easy to make it more illuminating, there's enough highlight powders and the like out there.
So while I have liked this product I wont be repurchasing for now as I feel there is better out there. I have now moved onto Benefit Multi-Tasking Minerals in "Bisque" and although I've only been using it a week, I definitely feel it brightens up my under eyes more than Powderflage although I think I prefer Powderflage's texture.

Kick arse red lips hit Croydon town ;)

So for my night out on the town on Saturday night I decided to go for a pin up look. This is one of my most favourite looks to do and probably the look I do most often.

I tried out quite a few new products for this look, one of which was purchased that day.

So to achieve this look here's what I used:

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation "Fresco 01"
Benefit Eye Bright
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural "Medium"
Bare Minerals Multi-Tasking Minerals "Bisque"
Chanel Bronze Universel
Nars Bronzer "Casino"
MAC Cream Colour Base "Pearl"

MAC paintpot "Painterly"
Urban Decay Naked Palette "Virgin" on the lid "Naked" and "Buck" outer corner and crease
Chanel Stylo Liquid Eyeliner "Black 10"
MAC Eyeshadow "Carbon" to set my eyeliner
Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara "Black"
Playboy eyebrow pencil and gel

L'Oreal Infallible Longwear Lip Duo Compact "504 Immortal Red"

So the product purchased the same day was the L'Oreal infallible lip colour. I had wanted this after seeing Kandee Johnson rave about it on her blog. She uses the Beyonce Red which I don't think you can get in the UK, not anywhere Ive seen anyway. So I asked my friend to just pick me up the reddest one she could find, which was "Immortal Red" (Love the name!) Now the Beyonce Red which Kandee uses has a lip gloss applicator but the one I have is an actual lipstick. I think the lip gloss style would definitely be better as the lipstick was quite dry and hard to apply and dragged on the lips when applied.
So yeah not the best application and it does feel drying on the lips when its on, but this baby does stay on. Now my main problem with red lipstick is that I get it on my teeth! Cringe, so that's why I wanted to try this one. You have to leave it to dry for a minute, but after a minute I drank some water and there was no lipstick mark left on the glass at all! Now this claims to have 16 hours wear.....I would imagine if you were wearing this in the day that would be no problem at all but if like me you are on a night out drinking several glasses of vodka and orange.......not so good! Near the end of the night i noticed where I had been drinking the red has started to turn a pale creamy colour and when i tried to reapply it was almost caking on my lips. To be fair though from what I was drinking I don't blame it!
So yeah all in all I would recommend this as you don't have to worry about it getting on your teeth, smudging or reapplying every 10 minutes and I liked the colour but if you're drinking anything potent use a straw! ;)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

R.I.P Jack Wills English Velvet Perfume

I told you I've used up a lot of products recently! This is the first perfume that I've used up in a while though.

This is from Jack Wills, best way I can describe Jack Wills is the English version of Abercrombie and Fitch. They call themselves the University Outfitters.

I love the smell of this perfume but I cannot for the lift of me describe it to you! It has a really unique scent, like nothing I've ever smelt before and people always ask me what my perfume is whenever I wear this.

As I knew I would not be able to describe this, I looked this up on the Jack Wills website and here is their description

"With top notes of pink grapefruit and Mediterranean fig, this youthful and carefree fragrance is balanced with orange blossom, rose petals and soft freesia. A sensual mood of sophistication is created by the undertones of creamy amber, Indian sandalwood and Oriental musk"

I can't say enough good things about this perfume! I love the smell, I find it really comforting and it really pains me to part with this :( I 100% recommend this, its also nice to wear a perfume that not everyone and his mother owns! Love Love Love this

R.I.P Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

It is with great sadness that I retire this mascara to the bin. When I originally bought this I wasn't a fan thought it was alright a bit blah. Then months later I found it under my bed and thought I would give it another go and I'm glad I did.

I have loved this mascara, builds volume and adds length, no clumpiness and no smudging or flaking by the end of the day, plus very affordable

I highly recommend this mascara and would repurchase. If you are unsure try leaving it a few weeks so it dries up a bit, like I did.

R.I.P L'Oreal Serie Expert Force Vector Shampoo

I've used up quite a few products lately (I don't know why I get a little kick out of using up a product.....OK a really big kick!) but I always feel proud of my accomplishment (Clearly not satisfied elsewhere in life!)

I also had the conditioner to this shampoo but as I'm quite liberal with conditioner that's already long gone.

I bought this after the umpteenth time of dying my hair, this time from blonde to a very dark raven brown and my hair was feeling ravaged! I am a fan of the L'Oreal professional hair range after my hairdresser recommended them to me. I had started using Kerastase but she advised me that L'Oreal is the company who make Kerastase products so they are basically the same products, expect the L'Oreal range is much cheaper. Keeerching

So i picked this up at a salon near where I live, the hairdresser looked at my hair and recommended this. She advised that this was better then an ultra hydrating/conditioning combination as this would actually improve the condition of my hair and reinforce it, instead of just making it feel softer.

This is the first time I have used a product from the Force Vector range and I have to be honest I was really unimpressed with both the shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo just would not lather up in my hair. I have a lot of hair so I need some lather to actually distribute the shampoo evenly round my head. I had to do 2 washes every time and towards the end I was doing 2 washes with this and then using whatever other shampoo was in the shower to do a final rinse so I actually felt like my hair had been cleaned! The conditioner/masque was a more watery texture then I am used to with conditioning masques and didn't really seem to do much.

The description on the back of the bottle states "Reinforcing anti-breakage shampoo for fragile, brittle hair. Hair fibre is fortified and protected leaving hair soft, shiny and feeling stronger"

Hmmmmmm how about no!

My hair didn't feel conditioned, didn't feel soft, and if anything I have been noticing breakage more then usual.

So a big fat thumbs down for this shampoo :( I will purchase from the L'Oreal professional range again but not their Force Vector line.

Now its the turn of Ojon hydrating shampoo and conditioner to step up!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Barry M Racing Green Nail Polish

Slipped this little baby into my basket at Boots, think this is the last Barry M shade I wanted now until they release some more ;)

I have mixed feelings on this, it looks darker in the picture then it does in real life. I wish it was more of a black with a emerald shine in the light, instead its more green then black. Maybe it would work better if you used a black nail vanish as a base. The jurys out on this one............

Face Of The Day

Face of the day


Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser


MAC Face & Body Foundation
Benefit Eye Bright
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural
Benefit Powderflage
Nars Bronzer 'Casino'
Natural Collection Cream Blusher 'Rosy Pink'
MAC Cream Colour Base 'Shell


MAC Prep & Prime Eye 'Light'
Make-Up Barbara Daly @ Tesco Souffle Eye Shadow 'Driftwood'
Nars Eye Shadow 'Mekong'
YSL Faux Cils Mascara 'Brown'
Playboy Perfect Pair Brow Liner & Gel 'Blonde Bombshell'

No7 Sheer Temptation Lipstick 'Attract'

And here I was going for the 'natural look'.........

Urban Decay Naked Palette

So finally after what feels like years of waiting my Urban Decay Naked Palette finally arrived! For those of you in the UK i ordered mine from House of Fraser online, if you find its out of stock on the website keep checking, as I have found it keeps coming off the website and then a week later its back on. Its also available at Debenhams now as well along with the Vegan palette eeeeek. Which I have also ordered! When my Vegan palette finally arrives I will do a proper review of all 3 of the new Urban Decay Palettes for you, so if you have some sense, unlike me you wont buy all 3! For now this is just a phew I can rest easy it finally arrived post! I also noticed they've just released the Black Palette as well, which is a smaller palette just with darker shades. I wont be purchasing that. I wasn't too impressed but then I saw some swatches online and the colours looked really beautiful, but no I have to draw the line somewhere!

So I havent even had a chance to use my palette yet, it was almost an anti climax when it finally arrived as Ive seen so many pictures and swatches and videos on this palette that it didn't really feel 'new' but the colours are beautiful and I cant wait to try it. I have to admit though I cannot wait for my Vegan palette to arrive just so I can look at the cute packaging in person!

R.I.P Miss Sporty Fabulous Creamy Blush

So I thought I would start a feature on products that I've used up, as if you have managed to use up a product completely for whatever reason, you will have definitely formed an opinion on it.

So the first project to meet its end is by Miss Sporty and it's their Fabulous Creamy Blush in '201 Bare'

I have had this blusher for years and finally its finished, is it sad that I'm incredibly proud of this achievement?

I got this blusher as a gift and its the only Miss Sporty product I've ever owned. Miss Sporty is a drugstore brand here in the UK and I think everything in the line is under £5, so very affordable.

This is a cream to powder blush and the colour is very natural. I don't know why but I really struggle finding blushes to suit me, blushes really are my least favourite make up product, hopefully that will change one day but I just can never find a colour that looks good on me, that's what I loved about this blush though, the colour is completely inoffensive and you can wear it with any look, you don't need to worry about it clashing or being too much as its the perfect pinky/brown neutral shade.

The application was great as well, very smooth and blended into the skin really easily. I much preferred the application of this to the MAC Cream Blushes, I find they are really hard to blend, almost stiff and you definitely need a brush of some sort. With the Miss Sporty blush all I needed to use was my fingers.

So yeah I am very impressed with the blusher, I have worn it everyday for the past however many months. Can you tell I'm not a blusher fan?! I would definitely repurchase this and whereas before I wouldn't have given the Miss Sporty range a second glance, now I would definitely check out their other products and I am quite excited to try out another colour in their blush range.

A big thumbs up for Miss Sporty!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Nars Haul

When I'm good I'm very very good and when I'm bad I'm AWFUL! I have told myself no makeup until next month but then I remembered Mac Venomous Villains is released in October!

So, I went onto the Nars website.....I ordered a few things and they finally arrived. I have to admit the Nars website is very slow with delivery but seeing as I don't have a Nars counter anywhere near me, whats a girl supposed to do ;)

So I ordered.......

Nars Bronzer in 'Casino' - I have wanted a Nars bronzer for a while, but I tend to shy away from bronzers with shimmer or glitter as these tend to give that 'dirty/muddy' look which unless you are a piglet, is not cute! But I had heard so many good things about Nars bronzers, that I finally thought, sod it! I was torn between 'Casino' and 'Laguna' but was swayed towards 'Casino' by 'BelledujourNYC' I haven't used any of these products yet as they only arrived yesterday but I'm very happy so far! I love the packaging on the bronzer as the large mirror is ideal, great to put in your bag. 'Casino' is a lovely colour and the sparkle doesn't seem to show up too much on the skin which is great, I cant wait to try this!

Nars Eyeshadow Duo in 'Rajasthan' - When Temptalia reviewed the new Nars collection and raved about this product, I was kind of like 'meh' but then I saw BelledujourNYC raving about it and I thought what the hell! The colours are a beautiful taupey gold and a greeny/black peacock colour. I think what I really like about this duo is that the colours are really unique but still very wearable and like all Nars eyeshadows they have that beautiful buttery smooth texture

Nars Eyeshadow in 'Mekong' - This is a beautiful rich dark brown with bronzey gold shimmer. This colour is extremely pigmented! I just did a swatch on my hand and now I've got dark brown eyeshadow all over my keyboard grrrrr, I imagine fall out would be a mo fo with this colour, so word of warning there!

Nars Eyeshadow in 'Bali' - If you have never used a Nars eyeshadow before and wonder why everyone always comments on their texture, well....stick your finger in Bali and you will see what I'm talking about! You just want to keep touching this shadow it feels so rich and smooth, I don't really want to use the word buttery again as its a bit weird but it really is the best way to describe it. Bali is a dark brown but you can sheer it out more on the lid, there is no shimmer so it would make a great everyday colour, or you could use it as a liner or in the crease. Great staple eyeshadow to own.

Nars Lipstick in 'Barbarella' - I bought this lipstick pretty much on the name alone! When my parcel arrived this was the product I was most disappointed with. It just seems so small, and its really light. Compared to the luxury of the rest of Nars packaging, the lipstick definitely feels cheap. Having said that I compared it to a MAC lipstick and there really is not much difference in size. I guess as you are paying more I just expect more product! But I don't want to slate this too much as the colour really is lovely on the lips, doesn't look much in the tube at all but its a lovely coraly/pink very wearable everyday neutral lip colour.

Ill post some more pictures and reviews when I have played around with these colours more but on first impressions alone I am very pleased! I find there's something really exciting about getting Nars makeup, I don't know if its because I have no Nars counters anywhere near me so its all very new and exciting or if its just the packaging. Mmmmmmm posh makeup!