Monday, 27 December 2010

Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps

I have been wanting to try these nail wraps by Nail Rocks for ages, so I was chuffed to get these pink velvet leopard skin ones for my birthday. Sadly the love affair is over.
First of all these are a right pain in the arse to apply! If you have no patience and get bored simply waiting for your nails to dry, then run away in horror now!

There are step by step instructions on the back of the pack, which I would recommend strictly following if you are to stand any hope!

First you have to file and shape your nails. You will also need to push any excess cuticle back.

Then you have to buff the nail to remove any shine, in order for the wraps to stick.

Remove the wraps and place on your nail, heat the wrap with a hairdryer and push firmly down on one side, apply heat again and press firmly down on the other side, apply heat again and press firmly down on the whole nail. This needs to be repeated for each nail.....that's right x10!

For the excess wrap at the end of your nail, the instructions tell you to simply file this away in a downward motion. THIS DOES NOT WORK ARGH! The nail wrap is too thick and impossible to file. I ended up just cutting the ends off with scissors. I then tried to file again just to shape, but this just created ugly tear marks.

Mmmm pretty! Also as you can see in this picture, there are areas where the wrap has not stuck. There is only so much heat your fingers can withstand!

I could tell straight away that these, were not going to last long. The edges were peeling and were so rough it was uncomfortable. After a few hours I couldn't bear it anymore and peeled them all off.

I am so disappointed by these, for the time and effort you put in the result is utterly crap! Its such a shame as well. From a distance they actually look really nice and they have a lovely shine to them, but as soon as you get up close you see all is not well!

Now you might be thinking maybe its just me, but my best friend bought these nail wraps before me and had exactly the same problem and hers only lasted a day. I have also read some reviews and these have not fared well. My recommendation would be to try the cheaper version nail wraps as they are thinner so will adhere to the nail easier and be easier to file down.

But as far as Nail Rock goes....don't waste your money!

Availability: Topshop, ASOS and various other online stores

Price: Varies roughly £6.50

Repurchase? NO

R.I.P LiLash

As you can tell from the beat up old bottle, my tube of LiLash has met its end :(

I've used this bad boy right up until the end, getting every last drop out of it but there is literally nothing left now, which is gutting to say the least.

You can read my previous post here to see the amazing results I've had from using LiLash

I have been without LiLash probably for almost 2 months now and I've noticed my eyelashes are beginning to return back to their stubby state. As much as it pains me to shell out for another one, the results of this product are phenomenal and I have loved it. I have been unable to repurchase as there have been no UK sellers selling LiLash on eBay and I didn't want to risk having to pay a heavy customs charge on top by buying from a US seller and the Powder Rooms which is the only other place I can find it, have been out of stock.

But my luck is in, as I checked tonight and its back in stock so a replacement has been ordered! Just don't remind me about the price!

Availability: eBay (This is where I purchased my first tube of LiLash, obviously whenever using eBay use your common sense)

Price: Ranges on eBay but £88 from

Repurchase? Yes already have ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

R.I.P Pantene Aqua Light Lightweight Nourishing Mist

I have been reading lots of good reviews about the Pantene Aqua Light range, I also don't seem to be able to escape those Cat Deely TV adverts!

I don't use Pantene normally because of the whole silicone controversy, a lot of people dislike Pantene as it contains a lot of silicone which makes your hair shiny but does not wash out and over time builds up a residue in your hair. The new Aqua Light range apparently contains very little to no silicone.

I used the nourishing mist on the ends of my hair. My hair is great I get greasy roots after about a day and dry ends from colour abuse. Combination hair, just like my skin! So on the days where I have dry shampooed my hair but the ends needed some moisture I sprayed this in. I really liked this product and have used it up surprisingly quickly. It does not weigh your hair down at all, smells lovely and leaves your hair feeling much softer. I would highly recommend this and would definitely repurchase

Availability: Supermarkets, Drugstores

Price for 150ml: £3.99 but on offer in many places

Repurchase? Yes ♥

Orly It's Not Rocket Science

I am a big fan of Orly, I discovered it whilst I was at college studying Beauty Therapy. I have never seen Orly products in the shops but if you search online there's loads of places to buy.

It's Not Rocket Science is from the Cosmic FX collection. If you missed out on the MAC Venomous Villains collection. There are 2 polishes in the Orly Cosmic FX collection which are exact dupes for Mean and Green and Formidable! I heard that this collection was hard to find but I purchased It's not Rocket Science from eBay and they had all the other colours available.

This colour is very green, from other swatches online I thought it would be more goldy but no its very green. As I have been loving Mean & Green from MAC's Venomous Villains I thought this would be along similar lines but no, this is swamp monster green!

I was a bit on the fence about this polish but since removing it today my mind has been made up. After only being on my nails for 2 days this has stained them like a mother! Overall very disappointed.