Sunday, 21 November 2010

R.I.P Maybelline The Falsies Mascara :(

Its the end of the road for this bad boy. I have loved this mascara and can't recommend it enough. It gives both length and volume and all for £7.99! What I liked most about this mascara is the brush. I hate the plastic brush applicators (think Max Factor False Lash Effect) bristle brushes all the way! The curved design is what makes it unique and makes application a doddle, its also the perfect size as you are able to get to every lash.

I will definitely be repurchasing this mascara, but first I have to use up MAC Opulash which isn't bad, but its not my Falsies :(

Face Of The Day

The problem with being a make up hoar is that a lot of really good products get forgotten about but when you find them again its a very special moment! I'm talking about you Dior Amber Treasure Eyeshadow Palette!

I'm currently listening to The Wombats and its putting me in the best mood! It also makes me want to live up North ;)

Anyway roll on the slap:


♥ MAC Face & Body Foundation
♥ Benefit Boing Concealer
♥ Bare Minerals Multi Tasking Minerals
NARS Casino Bronzer


♥ Bit of cheap Boots lipbalm!


♥ DIOR 5 Colour Eyeshadow
Palette "Amber Treasure 360"

Clinique Gel Liner

♥ MAC Opulash Mascara

Presents for me :)

So I just turned 24. I'm slowly starting to realise that I'm not 21 anymore. I don't feel grown up enough to be 24! I feel like your mid 20s are in general a really awkward time! But having nice birthday presents always helps take the edge off ;)

So for my birthday I got....

* A framed signed picture of Xander (Nicholas Brendan) from Buffy! Haha this was a surprise present from my best friend and I love it! I am a huge huge Buffy fan, my Buffy box set is my most prized possession!

* Lady Gaga Heartbeat Headphones

* Red Cherry Dr Martins (I have wanted a pair for ages but was worried I might look like a very butch prison inmate! But after seeing Jessica Alba in the same pair I was swayed)

* Lauren Conrad Style Book

* LA Ink Season 3 (I'm a big Kat Von D fan and love her style)

* Thomas Sabo Deer Skull Pendant

* Snow Leopard Furry Hat from River Island

* Hello Kitty Headphones :)

* Flying Lanterns

* MAC Venomous Villains Truth & Light Magically Cool Liquid Powder, Evil Queen Eyeshadow "Vainglorious" Dr Facillier Greasepaint Stick "Slickest Black"

* Me and Zena Vampire Teeth Necklace - LOVE THIS

* Silly bands! (I know time to grow up)

* Nail Rock Pink Leopard stickers

* Harajuku Girls Perfume

* Perfume atomiser for my handbag (As I'm known to carry 4 perfumes around in my bag at a time!)

Wouldn't it be nice to get presents everyday!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Snow White got bit!

I thought I would share with you all some pictures from my birthday. My birthday is the 26th October so as its near Halloween I decided fancy dress was in order! For the theme I combined my 2 loves....Disney and Vampires and no I wasn't turning 15 (I wish) it was my 24th birthday......time to grow up........ NEVER

I went as Snow White, with me I had Cruella De Vil, Captain Hook and Minnie Mouse. The 2nd picture was taken in the chicken shop afterwards! I love this picture really makes me laugh and I think that pretty much sums us up! We went to The Clapham Grand in London for their Halloween Ball. It was a wicked night, slightly disturbing seeing all these people in masks. I felt a bit like Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut except I wasn't feeling as erotic!

With my make up I really wanted to look like a Cullen, I didn't want it to look like I was wearing a face full of white paint because that looks naff, I wanted to look dead. I also wanted to look scary True Blood style soooo a lot of thought went into this make up application.

Now I really have to thank Dusty O Hunter for this. If you don't watch Dusty on YouTube then give yourself a tiny slap round the cheek. I love his videos he's one of those people that you really wish was your friend :) Except he would probably hate me as seems to be a very neat, tidy person and I on the other hand am like a explosion of filth. His videos are very informative, original and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into them. This is now the 2nd Dusty tip I have followed and loved. The first being applying MAC's Liquid Lurex as an eyeshadow! L.O.V.E. Maybe I should start doing everything he says...maybe you should too........

I'm currently watching Empire Records whilst typing this and I am getting quite distracted by AJ, such a 90s grunge hotty and I'm having Liv Tyler envy! Anyway I digress.

So I was watching Dustys guide to MAC Foundations and he mentioned that MAC's Face & Body came in white, he then did a little demo on how to apply it and it was exactly what I was looking for! As face and body is sheer it doesn't give you that white face paint mask. Sadly this is a MAC Pro item. Soooo off I trotted to the MAC Pro store in London, which is just off Carnaby Street if you're wondering.

I just have to have a tiny rant here. I hate the MAC Pro store. Just because I don't have bright purple eyeshadow over half my face and forehead doesn't mean I know anything about make up.

Anywayyyyys, these are the products I used for my Snow White got bit look:

Face: MAC Face & Body White - MAC Pro
MAC Prep & Prime Translucent Powder - MAC
MAC Eyeshadows in "Copperplate" and "Coquette" to Contour - MAC

Eyes: MAC Eyeshadows in "Brule" and "Coppertone" - MAC
Urban Decay False Lashes "Lure" - Urban Decay (Debenhams £11) Love these!
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara - Maybelline
Colour Vue New Moon Contact Lenses - ( £15.99)

Lips: MAC Lipstick in "Russian Red" - MAC
MAC Eyeshadow in "Carbon" - MAC (To darken and contour my lips)
Fake Gel Blood - Snazaroo (I bought this on ebay for about £4)

I have to say I was really impressed with the colour contacts I used. I have never worn contacts before so I was slightly apprehensive but they were actually really easy to put in and take out. The colour was wicked as well, exactly the Cullen colour I was looking for. These are the Colour Vue brand and I bought mine from for £15.99 they have a whole range of Twilight inspired lenses so check them out, cheap prices and fast delivery no complaints there!

Now I am going to bed, its 1.23am and tomorrow/today is Sunday. Why are Sundays so depressing?

* Your mum insists on cooking a Roast Dinner. If its a particularly bad Sunday its going to be a Pork roast dinner too and the carrots will have been boiled for the good part of 3 hours. I hate roasts
* The only thing on TV is Songs of Praise or the Antiques Roadshow.
* Because you're roast dinner was eaten at some stupid time, late afternoon 3pm, you are hungry at about 8pm and end up eating some thing like cheese and crackers or sardines on toast, or anything that's sat in a tin for years. Its such an English thing! On a Sunday England reverts back to the 1900's
* Sunday marks the end of the weekend and is a reminder that I have to go back to my mind numbingly boring office job that I desperately hate.

With that ray of sunshine I'm off, night all ;)

Illamasqua Art of Darkness 4 Colour Liquid Metal Palette

I am loving one of my most recently acquired purchases from the new Illamasqua collection, Art of Darkness.

The 4 colour liquid metal palette can be used on anywhere on the face and body but I have been using mine as cream colour eyeshadows or as an eyeshadow base.

The 4 colours in the palette (clockwise from top left) are: Stoic (emerald Green) Solstice (gold) Superior (burgundy coppery red) Resolute (blue)

My personal favourite is "Superior" as it makes my blue eyes stand out and I tend to gravitate towards these kinds of colours anyway.

These colours are beautifully creamy and so easy to apply, I apply them with my fingers as I like that smudgy rocky look. These also make great bases to apply eyeshadow and they are long lasting. I really would recommend this palette. I bought mine from and it cost me about £29, so its not cheap but I think well worth it. I am so impressed with this palette that I have put the liquid metal palette from the Body Electrics collection on my Christmas list :)

This is a look I did using "Superior" as a base with MAC Blue Brown pigment on top.

And this is another look using "Resolute" with some colours from my Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume III hope this gives you some ideas! I highly recommend you rush out and buy this awesome palette!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

R.I.P James Brown London Serum

I've used up quite a few products this month which makes me happy first up is a product is James Brown's hair serum.

If you aren't familiar, James Brown is the hairdresser to Kate Moss....he is also a sex machine ;)

His hair products line can be found in Boots although I have noticed his Scandalous range of products are also available in Superdrug now. Its strange though as the Superdrug products don't mention his name on the packaging anymore and Boots appear to have reduced their stocks dramatically. I do remember reading somewhere that he was filing for bankruptcy which might be something to do with this change but its a real shame as I'm a massive fan of this brand.

The thing I like best about James Brown products is the smell, all of the products smell gorgeous and have a very unique smell that I can identify straight away. I would buy everything based on the smell alone! The serum is no exception, it has his signature smell and I love it.

Each product has a description on the back, along with directions.

"Serum adds shine and protects hair from the elements but many people use too much which can make hair feel oily. Use a small amount; you can always add more. I've found that red seaweed extract gives the 'slip' and shine of silicone without the build up. I've added provitamin B5 for condition and the antixoxidant white tea"

I have really enjoyed using this serum, it doesn't weigh your hair down like some serums can and I find it doesn't matter if you put a little too much in your hair as it can be very easily rubbed in. I just run it through the ends of my hair when its wet and that's pretty much all I do. I don't blowdry my hair as its been damaged enough with hair dye! I find just using this serum makes my straggly ends look sleaker and of course makes my hair smell gorgeous.

I cannot recommend James Brown products enough, purely for the smell alone! I would definitely repurchase this serum except I have a Lee Stafford one I have to use first! But I'm missing the smell already. Big thumbs up

October Favourites

I have been slacking on the blogging front lately, October has been a really busy month for me, that's my excuse anyway ;) I love this time of year, I love the colours of Autumn the trees look beautiful and I've really been enjoying experimenting with my make up this month. I love to watch monthly favourite videos on YouTube so here's the products I have been loving in October:

Mac Face and Body Foundation

Bare Minerals Multi Tasking Minerals "Bisque"

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

MAC Mean & Green Nail Varnish