Wednesday, 5 February 2014

MAC Maleficent Collection 2014

There is one collection that I cannot wait for this year and its MAC's Maleficent collection, inspired by the movie of the same name, starring Angelina Jolie.

Since hearing about this launch I have been using all my detective skills to try and find out more but MAC are being very sneaky about this one and there hasn't even been so much as a picture leak :( All I know is the collection will be released this Spring around the same time as the film (the film is due to be released end of May).

If like me you are desperate to find out more about this collection then there's only one place you need to go, Specktra. Specktra is a makeup forum and the majority of users are MAC fanatics. As soon as a picture is leaked online or MAC officially release some promo images you can guarantee it will be in here. The Maleficent collection has its own thread which you can find here:

I thought I would also share my top tips on getting the goods before they sell out. As a long time MAC lover, I am all too familiar with the stress that comes with limited edition collections and the speed they sell out!

1) Do your research - Once MAC have officially released their promo information Temptalia will be your best friend. Temptalia will have a breakdown of all the products and colours and sometimes she may have even reviewed the products before they are released.

2) Make a list - Once you have done your research make a list of the products you really want, you know the ones that if you don't get you would be prepared to sell your younger sibling on eBay for.

3) Stalk - Stalk the MAC website everyday a few days prior to the release. MAC love to surprise you and just launch the collection at a random time of day, be prepared!

4) Try not to panic - Once the collection has launched online, you don't have time to wait around, remember you are competing with professional MAC crazies here! Use the list you made and add your must have items to your basket. Once they are in there you can then add anything else you like, but time is of the essence. It has been known for products to sell out whilst they are in your basket so click and pay asap. This is why doing your research at the beginning is important!

5) Stay Strong - So the MAC crazies beat you, your must haves are sold out. All is not lost....the collection normally launches in stores a few days later, again try and research beforehand to get the official in store launch date. On launch day you need to be up early, you need to be that person that's standing outside MAC before its even open, leave your dignity at home ladies. If you can tag team, when Venomous Villains was released my friend Chloe was the saviour of the day. While I was in London she was in Croydon and between us we got everything we wanted, except Briar Rose Beauty Powder! (The one that got away!)

Its like Venomous Villains all over again!


  1. haha the advice cracked me up :) The makeup world is tough! This should come out around my birthday, so I'm definitely going to pick up some stuff :)

    1. Its rough out there! Look forward to seeing a post on what you manage to get :) x