Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My MAC Eyeshadow Palettes & Top 10 Favourites

I love seeing other people's MAC Palettes so I thought I would share mine with you all. This is also an excuse for me to have a mini rant about the new MAC palettes. MAC released these new palettes at the end of last year. They now have a clear lid so you can easily see what your palette contains without having to open it up, for me that is the only plus side of the new design. Before, you could buy a MAC Palette and it would come with either a blush or eyeshadow insert for free. I always removed the inserts, as with the insert you can fit 15 eyeshadows in your palette and without, 26! For me that's a no brainer, not only money wise but also because I don't want to have tens of thousands of MAC palettes lying around! 

Now the palettes have been designed to have various inserts, including inserts for lipsticks and foundation. My real complaint is the fact you now have to pay for the insert, so these new palettes will cost you double the money. Now if you're like me and don't use the inserts you may think that's not an issue, but that brings me onto my second rant! The new palettes are much deeper and because they are deeper, without the inserts your eyeshadows are not secure. All of my eyeshadows have magnets on the bottom of them but even so they keep falling and Woodwinked is the latest casualty. There's no way you could travel with these, effectively forcing you to buy the inserts, gah! And one more thing, without the insert, the new palettes only fit 24 eyeshadows instead of 26. OK I'm sorry rant over, but I just wanted to forewarn you in case you were considering swapping all of your old palettes for the new style.

Top row (left to right); Swiss Chocolate, Brule, Wedge, Expensive Pink, Gleam, Shroom
Second row (left to right); Soba, Woodwinked, Texture, Honesty, Retrospeck, Omega
Third row (left to right); All That Glitters, Saddle, Kid, Cork, Moleskin, Amber Lights
Bottom row (left to right); Patina, Naked Lunch, Quarry, Embark, Bronze, Copperplate

Top row (left to right); Satin Taupe, Carbon, De-Vil, Scene, Coppering, Sable, Antiqued

Second row (left to right); Vapour, Evening Aura, Charcoal Brown, Coquette, Cranberry, Mulch
Third row (left to right); Sweet Joy, Mystery, Mythology, Club, Red Brick, Romp, Vainglorious
Bottom row (left to right); Nylon, Paradiso, Sweet Lust, Rice Paper, Seedy Pearl, Crystal Avalanche

And out of all those here are my top 10 favourites;

Brule, Wedge, All That Glitters, Woodwinked, Romp (or Bronze both very similar!), Expensive Pink, Swiss Chocolate, Saddle, Naked Lunch and Texture.

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