Sunday, 22 December 2013

Currently Loving: OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest

I have a new obsession and its a nail polish....

OPI is by far my favourite nail polish brand, I have used their polishes for years and they are simply the best. Now, over those years I have accumulated quite a large nail polish collection and you know what, sometimes variety isn't the spice of life. I tend to use the same colours over and over again and then find myself bored, looking for new colours to try. 

Every Month Is Oktoberfest came out with OPI's Germany collection last year so I'm very late to the game with this one but its my favourite colour I have discovered in a long time. Plus this stuff lasted on my nails without chipping for 7 days! That is a Christmas miracle if ever I did see one and do you know what I did after those 7 days, took it off and reapplied it!

You need this!

I was just making my dinner and admiring this colour in the light and thought I had to take another picture to show you!

I'm going to make this a regular post, things I'm 'currently loving'. I tend to switch a lot of my products weekly so not everything makes it to the monthly favourites. This way you can see how fickle I really am!


  1. wowzah that's a lovely shade! I need to find one and soon!

    1. Thank you, theres another shade from the collection which is similar and looks equally amazing, German-icure I may need to purchase!