Tuesday, 16 August 2011

ASOS Curve Rant

It had to be done.....

Bear in mind I have an incredibly mind numbing boring job in Insurance that could also be to blame for my wrath!
When ASOS Curve first launched I was so excited. It was like all the Angels came down from Heaven with a beautiful gift. Shame Angels in Heaven don't do refunds.
When you are bigger and fashion minded, your options are limited to say the least. If you want an unflattering smock top, pastel coloured checked shirt or a logo T-Shirt with the words "I love chocolate" scrawled across your breasts in comic sans font then don't worry you will be fine. If you want anything mildly on trend or modern though well lets hope you have an elderly relative that can sew!
ASOS Curve had such promise
"Our ASOS CURVE plus size collection features many of the same trend-led, directional pieces from our main range, as well as additional ASOS CURVE exclusives in sizes 20 to 26. The collection includes classic shift dresses, chunky knit cardigans and chic tapered chinos, all tailored to a perfect fit."
I could go on and on and on and on but bottom line the majority of the clothes in the Curve line are hugely unflattering, shapeless and the trends they do seem to use are probably the least flattering for curvy girls. There is a blog called fat girls like nice clothes too......Never a truer word said. There is a huge void in the market for fashionable, young, plus size clothes.......why can no one fill it?

Topshop I beg you release a plus size line!