Saturday, 25 February 2012

Ciate Jewel, Adele's Grammy Nails

So, well done on winning all those Grammys Adele, yeah...anyway whats that nail varnish you're wearing? Its so sparkly! - This is how I imagine my conversation with Adele would go, but luckily someone already asked her and its Ciate Jewel and its bloody brilliant!

There she is! Adele also had the underside of her nails painted red, "The Louboutin Manicure" as it's called, but quite frankly I couldn't be arsed with that. I just wanted to slap this baby on my nails as quickly as possible

Jewel is like no other nail varnish I've seen. Its full of teeny tiny holographic bar glitter in a kind of bluey grey base. I applied three coats but you could get away with two.

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist adding the out of focus crappy blurry snap because, well,just look at that sparkle! 

If like me, you didn't win any Grammys but would like something equally sparkly I picked up Ciate Jewel from here

Monday, 20 February 2012

A Week in Nails

OPI - Big Apple Red

Love this red! I'm too ashamed to count my how many red nail varnishes I own but it wasn't until I compared them to this little guy that I really noticed the difference in each one (what I call a difference is probably invisible to 99.9% of people, but we have to justify these things)

Big Apple Red is a proper ladies red. The kind of red you would see Kim Woodburn (Kim and Aggie How Clean is Your House) wearing. Its what a red should be, I love it and when I wear it I find myself attempting to pick things up in a very seductive manner, it makes my hands go very camp!

OPI - Mermaids Tears 

Ashamed to say this is probably the first time I've worn this since buying it last year! From the Pirates of the Caribbean collection a lovely slightly muted turquoise. Hard to describe as it looks much brighter on the nails then it does in the bottle. Oh and I don't have sweaty cuticles, that's my cuticle oil!

Revlon - Cloud 602

Ooh my newest purchase, this is a gorgeous pale lilac. Which I actually received quite a few compliments on today, so that's a winner in my books! Apparently its a Revlon Top Speed? To be fair I couldn't comment, as I faithfully use the quickest drying top coat around, Seche Vite. 

The OPI bottle is a mini from the Best of the Best collection, so it doesn't have the name printed on. On a side note these mini bottles of OPI are really great and that set makes a great present. I should know, I got it for Christmas! Amazing colours and lets be honest, who gets through a whole bottle of nail varnish anyway!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

WAH Nails

This weekend I paid my first visit to the WAH nail bar in Topshop Oxford Street. I have been wanting to go for ages, so I was really excited to finally get WAH'd.

If you're unfamiliar with WAH nails, its basically a nail art, nail bar. You go in and pick the design you want from their choices on the wall. You can have one design or you can have a different design on each finger, "mix and match". You are also able to pick whatever colours you want. 

We had booked an appointment but unfortunately there was a bit of a mix up. I wanted mix and match as I couldn't decide on just one design! But due to time I could only have a design on every other finger.

So here are my nails! I bloody love them! So from left to right I got Lovechild, Lightning Bolt, Drippy, Drippy (again), Stars and Stripes and Pow. The colour in between is OPI Short Story, which is a gorgeous bright pink! I think I need this colour in my life! 

The other pink colour on my thumb and little finger is Colour Club AN18 and I'm afraid I don't know the name of the red shade, but its an Essie one. 

My friend Sophie got the roses design, which is so pretty! For her base colour she chose Lilac Dream by Models Own. The roses also look gorgeous with a white base.

And finally my friend Chloe got the Basket Case design on every other finger with a heart in between. She also chose a Models Own colour, Peacock. 

I love Basket Case its like an optical illusion on your nails! The Peacock colour worked really well with it, giving a 3D effect.

I absolutely loved my WAH nails experience and can't wait to go back, I'm worried that it could be a new addiction, I'm already plotting what to have done next time!