Monday, 21 April 2014

By Terry Ombre Blackstar Review - Frozen Quartz, Misty Rock and Velvet Orchid

Sometimes you come across a product that is so good it makes you want to get rid of all the makeup you already own and replace it. If I didn't already own a disgusting amount of eyeshadows I could quite happily just use By Terry's Ombre Blackstars and nothing else.

Ombre Blackstars are cream eyeshadows in a stick format. As these are waterproof they have the best lasting power of any eyeshadow I have ever used and you definitely don't need to use any kind of primer. The metallic shades are so glossy they almost have a wet look to them, which I love. 
My favourite thing about these though, is how easy and foolproof they are. I just apply these in a very slapdash manner all over my eyes and then blend the edges with a brush, et voila. 
One thing to note though, you do need to work quickly with these as once they dry they are impossible to budge, I always do one eye at a time.

The one downside to these is the price, at £28.00 they really don't come cheap, but I really have not come across anything else that compares.

Available from Space NK £28.00

Left to Right: Frozen Quartz, Misty Rock and Velvet Orchid

Frozen Quartz - My most recent addition, great for easy, everyday makeup. This pink toned champagne shade really brightens your eyes. It reminds me of MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow.

Misty Rock - If I had to pick a favourite this would probably be it. In the pictures it looks very similar to Frozen Quartz but in real life, I would describe it as a bronzed purple. I like to wear this in the day but it would work equally well at night, if you just add some eyeliner. I have posted a Face of the Day wearing this here.

Velvet Orchid - The one that started it all! When it comes to eye makeup, I tend to use the colour wheel theory of using the opposite colour to your natural eye colour. For me that's a red/orange based brown, so purple was never even a colour I considered. I saw Velvet Orchid used in a  Pixiwoo tutorial and fell in love with it. Now if I ever want to do a smoky eye, this is the first thing I reach for. It requires minimal effort and lasts all night. I love to blend this all over my lid, underneath my lower lash line and then use MAC's Prunella eyeliner for a really dramatic look. You can see that look in one of my Christmas Party Looks from last year. 
In the picture above though I have only used Velvet Orchid, to show that you don't even need a separate eyeliner, as these can also be used in the waterline.

I thought I would just also quickly share the brushes I like to use with these. As these are a cream product, synthetic bristles work best and I find that the Real Techniques eye brushes blend beautifully.

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