Thursday, 30 August 2012


I am naming my new obsession..."R'Orange" which is just a word I made up for any orange toned red! You will find no blue based reds here my friends. I feel like the orange makes me look more tanned and  because its warm toned it makes my blue eyes stand out, more then any blue based red can. Its the perfect red for the upcoming Autumn and not just because it matches the leaves!

If you want to get some R'Orange in your life, here are my recommendations. Note, I tried to take pictures indoors and outdoors but to be honest you can't notice the difference between the colours in a picture, which makes me sad :( you will have to take my word for it that they are all different in person! ;)

YSL Rouge Pur Couture "13, Le Orange"

This lipstick makes me smile every time I look at it, the gold packaging, the bright colour. It makes me feel like Betty Draper when I apply it! This is apparently Kourtney Kardashian's favourite bright lip colour and I can see why. I would say its the most orange of the three lipsticks and has a gorgeous shine to it. This is a MUST!

MAC "So Chaud"

Randomly swatching lipsticks at the MAC counter does sometimes lead to some real treasures! I had never even heard of "So Chaud" and this is coming from someone who can name most MAC lipsticks based on colour alone. This is a matte finish, which is my favourite finish (in fact I should do a post on my matte lipsticks). In the tube it looks almost terracotta in colour, but on the lips its much brighter and because its matte it makes your lips look fuller. Whats not to love.

MAC "Lady Danger"

I honestly cannot pick a favourite out of these three so I'm just going to have to say I love this one equally! Lady Danger is definitely the reddest of the three, again its a matte finish and such a bold colour! This is a more modern red lip and would look gorgeous on a night out. Someone needs to tell me Im not Gwen Stefani though, as I have been wearing this everyday!

Left to Right

YSL "13, Le Orange", MAC So Chaud, MAC Lady Danger

And last but not least, as I am feeling very Betty Draper-ish you need to match your lips to your nails and the perfect colour for this is OPI "On Collins Ave" This is a really crappy picture which doesn't do this justice but trust me, this is the glossiest, brightest R'Orange nail varnish I have found and I LOVE it!

If you have any R'Orange recommendations for me, let me know!

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