Thursday, 31 October 2013

Game of Thrones Hair

This is what I like to call my Game of Thrones hair, long brushed out waves ala Queen Cersei.

The tools you will need:

Curling wand - (You can use straighteners but for this kind of wave, a curling wand is better) I have the Babyliss Waving Wand which I love as its so quick and easy to use and gives me the exact waves I want. Plus you can buy them for £20.00, bargain. I never use my GHD's to curl my hair now.

Hairbrush - Any hairbrush will do, my favourite one to use for this is my Mason and Pearson brush as it helps smooth the hair but my little brother keeps stealing it, so I had to do with any ole brush.

Hairspray - Now I don't always use this but if its particularly windy or I want my curls to last all day then I will.

Moroccanoil - Again optional, I sometimes smooth 1 pump of this through the lengths and ends of my hair after I have curled and brushed it, to tame any frizz.

Game of Thrones toys are optional!

1. Start with clean, reasonably straight hair (if you hair is particularly frizzy you may need to straighten first). I always set my Waving Wand to the highest temperature, my hair has never snapped but as my hair is so straight I need a high temperature to keep a curl!

(I have serious bitch face when I curl my hair, its the concentration!)

2. Start curling - I don't bother sectioning my hair or anything fancy like that, I just start! The important thing to remember is to curl away from your face! I cannot stress that highly enough! Also don't curl from the root, you want to curl from about mid way down your head. I take quite big sections of hair, remember you want loose waves not tight ringlets so the wider section of hair you take, the bigger the wave will be.

3. Repeat on the other side of your head, again curl away from the face my friends.

4. Brush out - Once you have curled all your hair, leave it to cool down. Once your curls are cool you can then brush them out. If you brush out when they are still warm you risk loosing the curl (that sounds a lot more traumatic than it actually is!) 

Again I don't do this is in a particularly neat fashion, I just brush my hair from root to ends.

5. Styling products - Now your hair is brushed out this is the point where you can add your oil if your ends are a bit frizzy and any other styling products you want. Grab that hairspray!

Et voila

This is my go to hairstyle if I am going out, or for any special event. In fact its pretty much the only way I really style my hair. Brushed out waves are the best!

The next day I will usually just twist the front 2 sections of my hair and clip them back but if you want to channel your inner Khaleesi, plait the front 2 sections instead and clip back.

Now I just need to find my very own Khal Drogo


  1. I have that curling wand too but haven't used it for ages! Thank you for the post, you have inspired me to create GOT do! I miss that show so much!

    1. My pleasure! Tell me about it, Im having to find new things to occupy my time! x