Thursday, 17 October 2013

Dior Airflash Spray Foundation - It's love

Its been 3 weeks and I think I'm ready to say the 'L' word. 

I love this foundation

I have been enjoying Dior's Airflash CC Primer and that got me wanting to try their Airflash Foundation.

Like the CC Primer this comes in a spray can, which you shake up before using. There's something so satisfying about using a spray can, makes you feel like an artistic rebel!

Now unlike the Primer, I don't spray this directly on my face, the only reason being is that my hair is dark and I find it catches on my little baby hairs. That would be easily solved if unlike me, you could be bothered to wear a hairband or if you are fair haired, I don't think you will have a problem either.
I prefer to spray this on my hand and then apply like I normally would with a brush. That's just my favourite way to apply my foundation and I can then add more coverage where I need it. My favourite foundation brushes to use are the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and the Sigma Flat Top Kabuki

I love the coverage this gives, I was worried it was going to look really heavy on the skin but it doesn't. I would say its a good medium coverage foundation and you can definitely build it up to a heavy coverage if you wanted.

Its a semi-matte finish which makes it look quite natural on the skin and I can get away with not powdering this. The lasting power is also great and combined with the CC primer lasts all day.

In the pictures below apart from my eye makeup all I am wearing is the foundation, no concealer, powder, or bronzer, nothing else. Considering my skin is really not that great at the moment I think it looks pretty good!

Now as with all good things in life there's nearly always a downside and the downside for this little baby is the price, at £33.00 its definitely not cheap but if you like to spend a bit more on your foundation I really recommend giving this one a go. 

For reference I have the shade 300 Medium Beige which is good for me at the moment as I have a bit of a tan, but next time I would get 200 Light Beige.

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