Monday, 5 August 2013

Jouer Sunswept Mattifying Powder Bronzer

Jouer is an American brand that I have been eager to explore for a while. If you are a fan of natural looking makeup in neutral, wearable colours then you should definitely check them out.

As I had finally used up my bronzer, I decided to try their new mattifying powder bronzer in Sunswept. 
I love the Jouer packaging its very sleek and compact and all of Jouer's products clip together like little lego bricks, so you can build your own palette.

 This is definitely a more orange toned bronzer compared with others such as Too Faced's Chocolate Soileil, which I was using previously. In the picture above I am wearing it all over and also on my eyes in my crease as an eyeshadow. It gives a lovely, warm glow to the skin and as its not too dark its great for fairer skin tones. It has great lasting power and lasts all day on my skin without wearing off.

At £22.00 its not cheap but if you are on the look out for a new bronzer and want to try something different I would highly recommend this.

Jouer is exclusive to Cult Beauty


  1. So pretty! I'm new to Jouer as well, I feel like their eye shadows (or the two I have are amazing). Cute blog! <3


    1. Yeah, this is the first Jouer product I've tried. You can't really get them here in the UK. Actually do you know where you can buy Jouer in America? Im going on holiday in September and want to try some more things now! Although I think I should join you on the spending ban! ;)