Saturday, 31 August 2013

August Favourites

This past month I have been even more beauty obsessed than normal, so this is a big month for favourites! I have also included one non beauty favourite this month, because I love it that much.

Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray - I bought this for my holiday, no I haven't been on holiday yet I've just used it all up before I've even left for the airport (brilliant Laura). This would have to be the favourite of the beauty favourites. Its a gazillion times better than any salt spray I have ever used and I think I have developed a very expensive new addiction. I spray it all over my hair when its wet and leave it to dry naturally. It leaves me with textured slightly wavy hair, which looks even better the next day. The best thing is that it doesn't leave my hair feeling matted or sticky, it feels like there's nothing in it which I like. At £18.00 for this small bottle *holds head in hands* its not cheap but for me its worth it. And yes I have already ordered a new bottle! - Available from Space NK £18.00

Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in "Sunny Pink" - My friend at work had this on her nails and it looked so nice that I had to ask her what it was and then go out and buy it! Its a shade I would never have chosen myself but I just love how it looks. The trick is to do 3 coats, 3 is the perfect number! 
- Available from Boots/Superdrug £3.99

L'oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution - Full review here but I love this makeup remover. If you have never tried a micellar water before you must, it will completely change your opinion of cleansers and may even tempt you away from those pesky makeup wipes! 
- Available from Boots/Superdrug £4.99

Super Facialist by Una Brennan Neroli Firming Intense Facial Serum - I have used this serum a lot this month, with it being so warm I couldn't bear a sticky moisturiser on my sweaty face so have just been wearing this and not much else. I actually love how this feels when I apply it and it smells lovely too. I can't really judge it on its firming benefits but I will definitely be trying more things from this range now.
- Available from Boots £14.99

OPI Alpine Snow - Judging by the amount of 'humerous' tipp ex jokes I have been getting recently, white nail polish is clearly in the "things men don't get" category, along with Uggs and fake eyelashes.
Well I don't care, I love a bit of white nail polish. Even my nan commented that it made my hands look brown, plus it always brings back memories of season 1 Buffy ahh. 
- Available from Beauty Bay £11.00

NARS The Happening Palette - Full review here sadly this palette is no longer available but I am obsessed with one particular eyeshadow in it. Gstaad is described as a shimmering taupe and I have been slapping this on all over and under my eyes. 

MAC 217 Eyeshadow Blending Brush - The only eyeshadow brush you need. Throw those sponge tip applicators away and invest in one of these. It applies a good level of colour but blends it out beautifully. I would go as far as saying its a life changer.
- Available from MAC  £18.00

Illamasqua Brow and Lash Gel - The best eyebrow gel, because unlike other gels and clear mascaras this keeps your brows in place all day. You brush your brows upwards and they stay up! I have converted 2 of my best friends to this and I wont stop there!
- Available from Illamasqua £11.50

Hourglass Brow Sculpting Pencil in Soft Brunette - Another obsession and another life changer
- Available from Space NK £26.00

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - My skin hates me at the moment, so concealer is an absolute necessity. This budget buy from Collection is brilliant, really good coverage, long lasting without being cakey.
- Availabe from Boots/Superdrug £4.19

Jouer Mattifying Powder Bronzer in Sunswept - Full review here me and this bronzer, its love. I love the warm tone of it just as much as I love the diddy packaging. The only thing I don't love, the fact I have used it so much it already has a hole in it :'(
- Available from Cult Beauty £22.00

Real Techniques Buffing Brush - If you are not an avid YouTube viewer or beauty blogger you may have never heard of these brushes. Long story short, the Pixiwoo sisters Sam and Nic are makeup artists who do tutorials on YouTube. Sam has created her own range of makeup brushes which you can buy from Boots/Superdrug and they are bloody amazing. Trust me after using these you will never want to apply foundation with your fingers again. The Buffing Brush and Expert Face Brush are the ones to get for foundation.
- Available from Boots/Superdrug prices vary

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry - I waited literally years for these to come out in the UK and Cherry is by far my favourite. I do love a sheer red lip!
- Available from Boots/Superdrug £2.99

DIOR Lip Glow - This is a new addition and since buying it, its barely left my lips! This is a lip balm, which depending on the temperature of your lips changes colour. We aren't talking crazy colours here, just a different shade of pink. On me it turns a slightly darker pink, it looks very natural but just gives me a lovely bit of colour. I would highly recommend this, feels lovely and nourishing on the lips and you can throw it on without a mirror.
- Available from John Lewis £22.50

And onto my last non beauty related favourite, my phone case! I am in love with it for 2 reasons:

1) Just look at it! The colour (blue I love you), the design. Its a thing of beauty. 
2) The designer is my beautiful friend Amelia and I am super proud. I think I'm going to have to buy an iPad just so I can get a cover for that too.

All her designs are beautiful but my design, Miss Havisham is definitely my favourite. 

And that was just a few of my favourite things ;)

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