Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Inside My Nans Makeup Bag

I love snooping inside peoples makeup bags, seeing what they use everyday and hearing about the products they swear by. I thought I would share my snoopings on my blog, of course with their owners permission!

First up my Nan.

My Nan is 89 (do not tell her I told you that!) and the contents of her makeup bag has been known to fill me with amusement.

Max Factor Creme Puff - The staple item in any self respecting Nans make up bag. My Nan calls this her pancake and I don't think she has ever used anything else. I love the smell of this, it brings to mind 1950's movie stars and old Grannies!

Maybelline Blue Blaze Eyeshadow - I cant remember when Maybelline had their eye shadows in packaging like this, so I'm assuming this is old. My Nan doesn't wear this on a day to day basis but it comes out for all the special occasions!

Boots Eyeshadow Trio Peridot, Aqua and Jade - Again dread to think how old this is, another special occasion only palette!

Lacura Eyeshadow - Like any Nan, my Nan loves a bargain and she has a couple of makeup items from Aldi/Lidl in her makeup bag. This eyeshadow is so cracked I don't even know why its in there and apparently she never wears it!

Chanel Brown Mascara - I bought this mascara for my Nan about 3 years ago....no joke. There is absolutely nothing left on it, a bit like applying charcoal to your eyelashes and letting all the grit and dust collect in your eyes. Now, a brown mascara is a staple in my Nans makeup bag, but she doesn't use it on her eyelashes, she uses it on her eyebrows. See she knows whats she's doing! I really need to get her a new one!

Rimmel Volume Mascara Flash Brown - This was meant to be the replacement to her beloved Chanel!

Lacura Lipstick - Last but not least lipstick. I don't think my Nan is too fussy on lipstick colours and this Aldi bargain is her current favourite. My other Nan on the other hand doesn't wear any makeup except lipstick and I know the exact pink shade she likes. Her favourite is 17 Poncho Pink!

And that's it, my Nan is certainly a lot more low maintenance than me!


  1. I loved this! It's always interesting to see what old things your parents/ grandparents are still holding on to!

    1. Ah thanks, it really is isnt it. My Nan has a medal my Grandad got at school for cross country and I think it would make a really cool necklace. All little memories x