Wednesday, 2 July 2014

June Favourites

Another month gone! This month I don't have many favourites because I have been very loyal to a select few products but remember quality, over quantity! Except when it comes to chocolate ;)

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

I didn't used to be a fan of this salt spray from Bumble and Bumble. When I have used it previously, I found that it didn't give me much in the way of waves and left my hair feeling crispy, but after some experimentation, I have found a way to make it work for me and its now my new best friend!

I wash my hair at night, brush through with my Tangle Teezer and spray this round my whole head. I then flip my hair upside down and do a few more spritz's underneath. Then I brush through again and go to bed. When I wake up in the morning my hair has dried and all I do is brush it out.  It leaves my hair with this lovely, natural looking wavy texture and lots more volume. Sometimes the ends can get a bit frizzy, so I just put a bit of oil or something through them.

Side note, is that not the cutest Tangle Teezer you have ever seen?! I feel like a real life Little Pony! You can find this colour on the Tangle Teezer website.

MAC Teddy Eye Kohl

I normally always skip eyeliner but this past month I have worn Teddy by MAC on an almost daily basis. This is a gorgeous metallic brown, which adds some depth and volume to your lash line without looking like you are wearing eyeliner. I love the formula of this pencil because its so creamy, I just smudge it out with my finger but it lasts all day long.

NARS Matte Multiple in Anguilla

I have written a full review on this here and you can also see it in action on my face ;) 
So easy to use and the lasting power of this is seriously impressive. I am currently trying to resist buying all the colours!

MAC Sculpting Powder in Sculpt

I mentioned in my last post that I have been pretty boring with my makeup this month and stuck to the same products. Sculpt has got me back in the contouring game and I like it so much, that I have also been using it as an eyeshadow. Its a very natural colour and because its not too dark, it looks much more like a natural shadow

MAC Cheeky Bugger Blush

One thing I have learnt about myself is that when it comes to blush, I'm pretty boring. As much as I love my bright NARS blushers, they just aren't practical to use everyday. Cheeky Bugger is a light pink with  a hint of shimmer, which adds a natural, pretty flush to your cheeks. You really cant go wrong! Sadly this was limited edition with the Osbournes collection but I'm sure you can find a similar colour in MAC's permanent line.

NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Montego Bay

I actually cant believe I have worn the same lipstick every day for an entire month, that must be some kind of record for me! Montego Bay has now won its place in my lipstick hall of fame. I love that its matte but not drying, the colour is a really pretty natural pink and this could possibly beat Burberry's English Rose to be my all time favourite lipstick!

Now I really have to try and get out of this makeup rut, or I will be a pretty boring beauty blogger!


  1. That NARS lipstick is sooo pretty, if I had it then I'd wear it everyday too! And I really want to try the bumble and bumble salt hair spray as well!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. They really are lovely and I hadn't really heard anything about them before, I might have to look at more colours ;) x