Saturday, 19 July 2014

Does RapidLash Work? Before and After Pictures

I have used eyelash enhancing serums in the past and from my own first hand experience I know they work, however I have never properly documented it before. Its been a few years but I was recently tempted to try RapidLash again. I have now been using it for around 9 weeks and this time I have taken photos so you can judge for yourself.

RapidLash promise a visible difference in your lashes after 4 weeks of use, you can also use it on your eyebrows although I haven't tried that yet. The serum is clear and you apply it once a day to your upper lash line, just like you would an eyeliner.

RapidLash doesn't come cheap and in Boots its sold for about £41.00 however I bought mine for £22.50 from with free delivery.

Before RapidLash with no mascara

As you can see my lashes are quite fair and not particularly thick. The tips of my lashes are blonde making it hard to see the actual length of them!

Before Rapidlash with mascara

Its probably worth noting that I used the same mascara for all the before and after pictures, which was the L'oreal Miss Manga mascara.

After 4 weeks of RapidLash use without mascara

After 4 weeks use, without mascara I cant really see too much of a difference in length but they look thicker and fuller.

After 4 weeks of Rapidlash use with mascara

After 4 weeks use, with mascara you can definitely see a difference in length, particularly in the outer corners. In 4 weeks the difference isn't too dramatic but I can tell a difference in both length and fullness.

After 8 weeks of Rapidlash use without mascara

Damn my pesky fair eyelashes but I can again see a difference in both length and volume, however its only really noticeable once I apply mascara.

After 8 weeks of Rapidlash use with mascara

After 8 weeks my eyelashes are now in the stage where some have naturally fallen out and are growing back, I also have some new lashes which have grown and the lashes from week 4 which haven't yet fallen out are now pretty long. Although up close like this it looks pretty uneven, in person my lashes just look much fuller and longer. In the side picture you can see the volume I now have, which is quite a dramatic difference compared to the first picture before RapidLash.

Overall I am really happy with the results and will definitely continue to use RapidLash. 

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