Monday, 13 January 2014

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara

If you are looking for a below average mascara that adds no definition or volume, then look no further because I have found it.

Physicians Formula is an American brand which I normally love. The majority of their products are amazing quality and great value. Plus they sucker me in with their packaging everytime, a mascara in the shape of a leaf..YES PLEASE.

Sadly their Organic Wear mascara is the exception to this and I just cant hide my disappointment.

First of all this mascara is dry and you get very little product on the actual brush. It has a plastic bristle brush, which is short and stubby. This makes it a bit awkward to apply and its impossible to get any of your smaller eyelashes as the brush is just too bulky.

Now matter how many coats you apply, this mascara does not build any volume and to be honest you may as well just colour your lashes in with a black felt tip pen.

Sadly this is going straight in the bin. I don't want to put you off trying any other Physicians Formula products but just skip this mascara!

For once I don't actually mind that this is only available in America!


  1. the first mascara I tried was from the organics line when It first came out.. it was tan and had a green leaf tip! It was AWFUL! It turned me off from mascara for months! I've heard some good reviews, but I hated that other mascara so much that I don't think I'll ever pick another one up!

    1. I'm so happy its not just me that seems to hate these mascaras. I bet the one you tried is this exact same one they just tried to make the packaging fancier!

  2. The pink tube version of this one is no better. Skip it! At the end of the day you'll look like a raccoon!

    1. Thats so lucky because you know I almost bought this one and the pink one. Thank God I didnt, I would have been doubly pissed off!