Thursday, 9 January 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Lightweight Primer

I have been trying out Maybelline's new primer for the last week or so and have sadly had to accept that I just don't like it.

This is a makeup primer, which promises to even and smooth out your skin texture, giving 
"poreless looking skin".


I do think this helped extend the longevity of my makeup

It definitely did smooth the texture of my skin

Reasonable price at £7.99 


This feels very "silicone-y" on my skin and I hated how it felt on my face when I applied it. Now, I do think this is a personal preference, as in general I am quite fussy with primers. I much prefer ones like the Laura Mercer Foundation Primer which are lightweight and sink into your skin, rather than sitting on top.

Whilst Baby Skin did live up to its expectations of smoothing out my skin, I hated how it sat on top of my skin. I felt like I couldn't touch my face in case all my foundation rubbed off. Its just too thick and heavy for me and it seemed to gather in areas especially around my nose.

If you don't mind a heavy primer or have a lot of acne scarring or particularly large pores I think you would like this, as it does live up to its promises of smoothing out the skin. I would recommend that you only apply it in the areas you need it, rather than all over your face though.

If however you are like me and hate thick, heavy primers, stay away!


  1. I definitely only apply it where I need it! I wouldn't like this primer all over the face!!
    Great review!

    1. Thank you :) Its hard to stay balanced when you personally dont like a product but you think others would, if that makes any sense at all!