Friday, 10 January 2014

L'oreal Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara

I have had a chance to test out everything I bought in my New in Boots post and now its the turn of L'oreal's newest mascara, Miss Manga.

Not going to lie, I did buy this because I loved the whole Manga campaign and reference, completely suckered in! 

This mascara promises to give you big, open, Manga eyes with lots of volume. Of course a mascara isn't going to physically increase the size of your eyes, but you can create the illusion of bigger eyes with the right mascara.

The brush is a cone shaped, traditional bristle brush. Thumbs up for the bristle brush, whilst I have come round to plastic brushes I will always prefer a bristle!
The thing I immediately noticed about the wand is that its very 'wobbly', no really. 
It has this indent which really makes the brush move, its not too noticeable when you are applying your mascara but there is definite wobble!

I was initially not that impressed with this mascara but after using it for a while I have to say it is pretty good. It creates a lot of volume without things turning into clump central and I would say looking at the before and after pictures my eyes do look more open. Initially this mascara had a very wet formula but now I have been using it for just over a week its dried up slightly and I like it a lot more.

My only complaint would be that this mascara doesn't come in waterproof and by the end of the day this has pretty much completely disappeared from my lashes. I normally always have to wear waterproof mascara as I always have this problem, so I feel I cant really give a fair review on the longevity of this.

All in all though its a very good mascara and worth a try.

Available from Boots currently on offer for £5.99 

Oh and the other thing I wanted to mention is that you can buy this in 2 other colours, purple and turquoise. I bought the purple for my mum and she really likes it.

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