Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Bobbi Brown Customisable Palettes

You know I love me some Bobbi Brown eyeshadows! They do the best matte eyeshadows in town, in my humble opinion.

For Christmas I got one of Bobbi's Customisable palettes and I think they are so nifty, I just had to share!

The empty palettes are available in 3, 4 or 6 pan and all cost the same price, £6.00

Compared with MAC's Pro palettes, these are excellent value for money. An empty MAC palette will set you back £14.00 and you have to buy the eyeshadow insert separately costing you an additional £6.50. So £6.00 for the whole thing is pretty darn good.

The palettes are well made, sleek but sturdy and all have a large mirror included. The idea is that you buy the empty palette and then fill it with your favourite Bobbi Brown eyeshadows. 

Removing your eyeshadow from the packaging and putting it into the palette is so easy. All you have to do is push the bottom of the eyeshadow packaging and the whole eyeshadow pops out, then you just push it into your new palette and it clicks into place. No messy de-potting or faffing about necessary!
If you get bored of your palette and want to change it around or go back to having a single eyeshadow, you just push the eyeshadow out the palette and it pops back out again. 

In my palette I have Bone, Toast and Camel.

The other great thing about these palettes is that you can also fit blushers in, making these palettes ideal for travelling.

To help get you started, my eyeshadow recommendations are: Bone, Toast, Camel and Taupe. 
For blush I'm loving Pale Pink (nothing pale 'bout it!)

The Customisable Palettes are available from Bobbi Brown for £6.00

Individual eyeshadows cost £17.00

Individual blushers cost £19.00

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