Sunday, 28 April 2013

NARS The Happening Palette and Dolce Vita Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

I haven't ummed and ahhed about a makeup purchase like this in a long time. I had read a lot of great things about The Happening Palette by NARS and I have always wanted a NARS palette. I still regret not getting the Danmari blush palette! But I wanted to make sure I would use it, as I am quite specific with the eyeshadow colours I like. In the end I caved, it was selling out everywhere and as it is a limited edition palette I didn't want to miss out again.

The Happening palette contains Orgasm blush and Laguna bronze plus 4 eyeshadow's; Night Star, Gstaad, Kuala Lumpur and Coconut Grove.

I think the inclusion of Laguna won me over. I loved their bronzer in Casino and used it all up, so I have been wanting to try Laguna for a while. I did read a couple of negative reviews about the quality and poor pigment in this palette but I have to say I disagree and am really happy with it. I think the only colour I will struggle to use is Kuala Lumpur, which is the purple colour as I really am a neutrals only type!

As I said this palette was quickly selling out and the only place I could find it online was the NARS website. Now I am not a fan of ordering from NARS direct, their shipping is a rip off at £7.00 and their service is so slow, this took about a week to arrive. If you spent over £50.00 though you got free shipping so I decided to add another item to my basket, I would rather do that then pay their extortionate shipping fees!

I opted for one of the Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in the colour Dolce Vita. I had seen a picture online of one of the Olsen Twins wearing this and it looked beautiful. I would describe it as a dusky red rose, its a beautiful colour and I love that its matte, I would go as far as describing it as a sexy colour! This didn't feel drying on my lips unlike some matte products but the only downside is that its not self sharpening.

I wore both of these today so I thought I would share how I used the palette.

For my eyes I used Gstaad all over the lid and underneath the bottom lash line, in my usual smudgy style. I then added a little bit of Coconut Grove to the top outer lash line and crease and really blended that well. I then used Laguna and blended that all over and quite heavily on my bottom lash line. I really liked using Laguna in this way, bronzers make great eyeshadow's FYI. I then used Night Star as an inner corner and brow bone highlight, finishing off with mascara, no liner.

I also used Laguna as my bronzer and Orgasm for blush. I actually really liked how Orgasm looked on my cheeks. And finally I used Dolce Vita all over my lips.

I really am happy I got this palette and as you can see I have made it work for me and the makeup style I like. If like me you were on the fence about purchasing this, I hope I have encouraged you to jump off  ;)

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