Saturday, 20 April 2013

A Little NYX Haul

NYX is an American brand that is pretty hard to come across here in the UK, so when I found out NYX had a UK website I was zehr zehr happy!

NYX is a drugstore brand with AMAZING quality. There products are very comparable to MAC products and for less than half the price. 

The only annoying thing with buying NYX online is that you're not able to see the products in person, so I only got a couple of items. If you are thinking of doing an order I would recommend doing a bit of google imaging first!

 So as you know I have been a bit obsessed with my Prison Break, Sara Tancredi red cheeked look recently and if ain't broke don't fix it.

There were two blushes that I have wanted from NYX for a long time so I decided to finally pick them up. I got the cream blush in Red Cheeks which was love at first sight when it arrived! If you are easily frightened though I must warn you, its really, really bright! My camera hates it!  Stila's Convertible Colour in Poppy is much darker than this for comparison.

The second blush I had wanted for a long time is simply called Red and its a powder blush. Red is not as in your face as Red Cheeks and is more subtle. I wore this for the first time today and I really liked how it looked. 

 Red Cheeks Cream Blush - Too bright for my camera!

 Red Powder Blush

 The last thing I got was an eyeshadow in Copper. This eyeshadow is amazingly pigmented, really soft and blends really well. There is no difference between this and a MAC eye shadow in my opinion. Honestly not only is the quality amazing but also NYX's colour range is so impressive. I cant even get a red cream blush that bright from MAC let alone another drugstore brand. I will definitely be picking up more things from NYX now I know how easily available they are. Also my order arrived within 2 days which is amazing, compare that to NARS who charge £7.00 for delivery and trust me you will be waiting a long time! 

NYX I love you!

Copper Eyeshadow

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