Monday, 15 April 2013

I must stop doing these unnecessary hauls!

I have picked up quite a few things over the past few weeks, so I thought I would share with you all.

I have just finished my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish so needed a new cleanser. I am a big Cleanse and Polish fan and will definitely go back to it, but my fickle self just wanted to try something new. I picked up the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel. I have used this a couple of times now so can't give a full review but it does feel lovely on the skin and I much prefer it to the Emma Hardie balm as it comes in a tube, so I don't get loads of gunk under my finger nails *gag*

I had also used up my Elemis face wash which I use in the shower. As my skin has been looking a bit dry lately I wanted to get an exfoliating wash and the Micro Polish Cleanser by REN caught my eye. This promises to help make the skin more radiant, so fingers crossed I look like Edward Cullen in a few weeks!

To double combat my dry skin I also got the Origins Drink Up Mask. I picked this up from the Cosmetics Company Outlet at Bicester for £15.00 which was a little bit of a saving. I have to say I was left a little disappointed by the CCO, all I picked up was this mask and a nail polish. But then I went and ruined my money saving by buying a wallet in Kate Spade!

My Revlon Lip Butter obsession is showing no signs of slowing down and I picked up two of the new shades, Sorbet and Wild Watermelon. Love, love, love these. I have just taken all my pictures for a post on my Lip Butter love affair which will be my next post on here if you are interested!

As one love affair continues, another one starts! Stila was a brand I never really paid that much attention too but I have been so impressed with my Convertible Lip and Cheek Colour in Poppy that I am now sitting up and taking notice! I have worn Poppy every single day for the past two months now, so I figured I would try another of the shades. As Poppy is a red, I decided to go for my other favourite shade, orange. This colour is called Gladiola and its actually a lighter orange then I thought it would be.  Unlike Poppy I don't think I will be wearing Gladiola on my lips as I think it is a little too light, but we will see. I haven't even used this yet, as I still cant stop wearing Poppy! Gah

Also from Stila, this little eyeshadow trio in Goddess caught my eye. If you have never tried a Stila eyeshadow I would highly recommend them, they are so buttery! Deeevine

I had forgotten how much I used to love Carmex, so I picked up the mint version in tube form. I am not a fan of Vaseline, Carmex all the way! I do think the pot of Carmex is more effective as its thicker, but as I don't like digging my nails in things, the squeezy tube is a lot more convenient! 

As well as Carmex I also got a new Benetint as mine was on its last legs and by now you should know just how much I love a sheer red lip.

MAC's new Mineralize Moisture Foundation has received a lot of positive reviews, so I wanted to try it out and share it on here. Expect a review of this soon! One thing I will say is bloody hell MAC, £26.00! When did MAC get so expensive! It better be good, that's all I'm saying! I also picked up a new Lingering whilst in MAC and lucky I did as my other one has just done its final click!

And last but by no means least I picked up some nail polish, that I most definitely did not need!

From OPI's Oz collection I got Lights of Emerald City. I have just used this for the first time and its really not as hard to paint as some people have said.

MAC Morange Nail polish, my only other CCO purchase. I really don't need another orange nail polish but this was £6.00 and I was feeling weak!

Revlon Posh, I think this is an exact dupe for one of my all time favourite colours by OPI Jade is the New Black. I am yet to test, but will keep you updated!

And lastly Girly by Revlon, another dupe but this time for Deborah Lippmann's Candy Shop. I was like a child when I saw this!

Must stop buying makeup, must stop buying makeup, must stop buying makeup!

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