Sunday, 23 November 2014

Tom Ford Cream Colour For Eyes - Platinum and Spice

If you are a makeup devotee like myself, you will know there will always be the one that got away, you might even have a whole list! Over the years my list has reduced, it used to consist of a lot of limited edition MAC collections but I have either managed to track them down, or its been so long that I have given up all hope! There are 2 things  remaining on my list though, Estee Lauder Pink Tease blush and Tom Ford Platinum Cream Colour for Eyes. 

Tom Fords Cream Colour for Eyes were released maybe 2 years ago and Platinum was the shade. I managed to get my hands on one of the shades, Spice but every time I saw Pixiwoo's use Platinum in a video I longed for it. So you can imagine my excitement when I was randomly browsing the 'New In' beauty section of Selfridges website and saw Platinum pop up. Ignoring the fact that we are the wrong side of pay day, I immediately clicked add to basket. 

These cream eyeshadows have a very wet formula and a little bit goes a long way, they also last all day without any kind of primer. Platinum is a golden taupe shade, think of it as Burberry's Pale Barley eyeshadow in liquid form. 

What I love about these is the fact they leave an almost glossy finish on the lids. This is my kind of effortless makeup.

Spice is a much darker, richer, chocolate brown shade. Even though I have used this a lot, I've hardly made a dent. To me Spice is a very Victoria Beckham shade, you know that glossy brown look she always has going on.

Platinum (left) Spice (right)

It looks like Platinum is sold out again on Selfridges website :( but keep an eye out as you never know it might be back again. 

Tom Ford Spice Cream Colour for Eyes available from Selfridges £29.00