Saturday, 15 March 2014

Spring Cleaning

I am not the tidiest of people, i definitely don't have any form of OCD when it comes to cleaning. My dressing table had turned into a junk table and now that Spring is well and truly here I thought some Spring cleaning was in order!

Don't you love my Thor calendar? ;)

The first job was cleaning my makeup brushes, did I mention that the first job is also the worst? 
True first world problems here but cleaning makeup brushes is just awful.

I don't have any special tips or tricks for cleaning brushes. I just use either a hair shampoo or conditioner, whatever is lying around to be honest. Once they are washed make sure you leave your brushes to dry flat, as otherwise the water can seep down and loosen the glue.

I had a bit of a makeup clear out as well, I recommend doing this every now and then, just like you would your wardrobe. Go through your makeup and pick out any bits you haven't used in the last few months. Out of the pile I then normally toss any cheaper items that I didn't like and pass on makeup that is good but doesn't suit me to my Mum! 

I hope you can notice the improvement! 

I end up piling a lot of the products I reach for everyday on top of my drawers, so I thought I would keep a little clear Muji drawer set on top and keep all the products I reach for everyday in there.

I reused an old Yankee Candle jar to keep my cotton wool in and I keep hairbands and things in the Alice in Wonderland tin. Oh and of course the Thor calendar stayed, that baby is not going anywhere!

I thought I would just share a few of the items in my Muji drawer as they are things I reach for all the time.

My current foundation MAC Face & Body, loving this! My nail top coat and base coat, OPI Natural Nail Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat. I swear by these and don't use anything else! Bioderma for lazy mornings and Origins Super Spot Remover for emergencies!

Then in the drawers I keep my makeup staples, like eyeshadow primer, concealer, eyebrow stuff and current mascara.

I give it a week before its messy again!


  1. I haven't been too in love with my makeup organization either, so this is giving me the motivation to fix that! But to be honest, I'm not organized in most aspects anyway! haha!