Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Currently Loving: Rose Gold Nails

Generally speaking, when it comes to nails I stick to creme finishes but every now and then I venture out of my comfort zone.

Essie Penny Talk is simply the best metallic nail polish I have found. If you have been looking for a true rose gold nail polish, this is it. 

Before buying this I read some terrible reviews on the consistency and application of this polish. I have to say I don't understand why, I have no problems with streaking and for a metallic finish I think its pretty darn good. Only thing I will say is that the lasting power is not great and I had chips after a couple of days.

Metallic finishes will never be as flattering as cremes, so if you suffer from deep ridges in your nails I would stay far away. You can improve the finish of this by buffing your nails beforehand and using a ridge filling base coat.

I found this beauty on Amazon and every time I wear it I feel like the Terminator ;)


  1. that polish is so bad ass! Love it!

    1. Its amazing! A metallic for people who hate metallics!