Monday, 1 December 2014

Eyeshadow Sticks

Although I wear eyeshadow every single day, I'm kinda lazy with it. For everyday I have a strict one colour only rule, which is why I love cream eyeshadow sticks. They are super quick and easy, I literally colour in my entire lid and blend out with my finger, or a brush if I'm feeling fancy. 

I find that cream eyeshadows have more dimension to them then powder shadows and it looks like you put in way more effort than you actually did. 

I didn't realise till recently but I have built up quite the collection of cream eyeshadow sticks, so I thought I would share my favourites on here.

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Champagne Diamonds (For Blue Eyes) 

My camera does not do this justice, its so glittery in real life it makes my eyelids look like they belong to Edward Cullen! I love Charlotte's concept for these pencils, there are two colours for every eye colour, a day and a night version. Champagne Diamonds is the day time colour for blue eyes and I have to agree, it does emphasise blue eyes very well. Like I said these are super glittery but don't worry the glitter doesn't stray. Call me a rebel but I actually really want to get Amber Haze, which is the shade for brown eyes. 

I think these would make great Christmas presents for your friends. My only complaint is that for the price, they don't self sharpen.

Available from Charlotte Tilbury £19.00

GOSH Forever Eyeshadow Stick in Light Copper

GOSH isn't normally a brand I pay much attention to, I don't know why but I'm just never drawn to the GOSH counter. I think all those bright orange blushers put me off! I randomly swatched these on my hand in Superdrug, not expecting anything special and was amazed at how smooth and metallic they were. I had to stop myself buying three shades and ended up opting for Light Copper, which I knew I would get the most use from. This is the cheapest of all my eyeshadow pencils but I honestly don't think you could tell a difference.

Available from Superdrug £5.99

By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock

If I had to pick a favourite, this would be it. I just love the taupe/purple colour, its so unique and it makes a change for me from wearing brown! This is super metallic and almost has a glossy finish on the lids. I always get quite a few compliments on my eyeshadow whenever I wear this, so I know its a winner! It lasts all day and its just a fail safe for me, I cannot recommend this enough.

Available from Space NK £28.00

NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye Colour Pencil in Angel

NUDESTIX are a relatively new brand who have a range of eyeshadows, lipsticks and concealers, all in stick form. I really like their concept of easy, practical makeup. 
Angel is a peachy gold shade, a more subtle version of the Charlotte Tilbury without the glitter.
The other thing I really like about NUDESTIX is that your stick comes packaged in its own tin, the idea being that you can keep all your sticks in one place and each stick comes with its own sharpener.

Available from Space NK £24.00

Trish McEvoy 24-Hour Eyeshadow and Liner in Topaz

Apart from the font, this has identical packaging to the By Terry Ombre Blackstars. They must be made in the same factory or something because even the eyeshadow itself is the same, high shine, metallic and long lasting. I cannot tell a difference! Topaz is a gold tinged, metallic brown which looks great on its own all over the lid, but also works really well used in the crease with one of the lighter colours like Angel. As for the whole 24 hour thing, I cant say and I don't plan on testing that ;) but I can say it lasts a good 9 hours +

Available from Liberty £24.00

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