Saturday, 6 July 2013

The beauty items you should really take to a festival

If you are going to a festival this year I have put together this very honest and hopefully helpful guide for what beauty items you should really take to a festival. 

Trust me when you are lugging all of this around you will really regret packing those 10 lipsticks and 5 eyeshadow palettes!

No glamping here!


By far the most important beauty items of them all!

Baby Wipes

Take as many baby wipes as you can physically carry, its a shower in a pack!

"Intimate Wipes"

Toilet roll is a pain in the arse, trying to keep that stuff dry in a muddy flooded tent is near impossible, instead I would take "intimate wipes" these were a life saviour when we went to Reading. Again take a few packs between you, better safe then sorry!

Face Wipes

A festival is one of the few times its acceptable to remove your make up with wipes. Don't buy the cheapest ones you can find, using face wipes twice a day will strip your skin so if you can I would invest in the best ones that you can afford.


I don't think any explanation is needed here but we are talking Mitchum strength ;) I would take both a roll on and spray so you can freshen up throughout the day. I just bought Sure's Maximum Protection cream roll on and its seriously good stuff. It was quite pricey around £4.50 but if you can find it on offer its worth a try.




You don't want to forget that bad boy! I would be lost without my Tangle Teezer

Hairbands and Kirby Grips/Bobby Pins (whatever you want to call them)

Again take more than you think you need, trust me when you can get to that no going back greasy stage you will be thankful for that extra kirby grip!

Dry Shampoo

Again not something I would use normally as my hair is so dark but definitely a festival essential!



Now would be a good time to use up that bottle of Britney Spears perfume you've had lying around. Don't take anything expensive that you would be upset if you lost or smashed.

Face Moisturiser

Get one with an SPF. The new Garnier Moisture Match range has a good one with an SPF of 20. If you are going to bring a tinted moisturiser or BB cream you can skip face moisturiser. I would not even bother bringing a body moisturiser, you wont use it!

Sun Cream

Although I definitely did not need this, you should pack some as you will be out in the sun/rain all day. 

Emergency tampons!

Because you never know!

Reasonable sized mirror

I'm not talking a full length mirror but something you can see your face and ideally hair in!

Big ugly hair clip

To get that horrible greasy mop off your face when you are trying to put your make up on in a cramped, sweaty tent!


Now onto the makeup and trust me this is a condensed makeup bag (apart from 2 pots of glitter!)


Primer (optional)

I would recommend bringing a primer to help your makeup stay on all day. Smashbox now do their primers in travel sizes (available from Boots online) so you don't need to worry about it taking up space in your makeup bag. 

Foundation/Tinted Moisturiser/BB Cream

Down to personal preference which one you decide to pack but I would definitely recommend a lighter coverage. I have just discovered and have been loving the Smashbox BB cream (review on its way shortly) Again Smashbox sell this in a travel size which is great for packing light and this has an SPF35 so your skin will be protected. 

Under eye concealer and blemish concealer

Because those bags wont conceal themselves and after the 2nd day of eating out a burger van you are bound to wake up to a ginormous spot which your BB cream will not cover!


If you don't wear bronzer on a daily basis then skip this.


Again if you don't need to wear powder or don't normally, then you can skip this.

Eyebrow "Equipment"

Whatever you normally use for your brows, if your brows rival Cara Delivingne however you don't need anything. 


Make it waterproof!


Completely non essential, but completely essential if you want to channel your inner Kesha

Lip/Cheek Stain

I love the Stila Convertible colours and you can use them on both your lips and cheeks for a bit of much needed colour.

Lip Balm

What could be worse then being stuck in a field without any lip balm! Bring your favourite, I like mine tinted!

And that is it, as I said you really don't need to weigh your bags down with beauty products as you just wont use them!

Have fun, stay safe and if you are going to Reading good luck with the long drops!

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