Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Bobbi Brown Almost Bare Perfume

We are officially in British Summer Time now did you know. Side note I find it really irritating when everyone moans about our summer weather......we are not a hot country, its pretty much the same every year, but every year this seems to come as a surprise to everyone. Summer holidays are fun, but working in the Summer is not fun, to be honest I don't really like working in the other 4 seasons either.

One thing I do like about Summer is changing my make up and perfume. Everything is lighter, I love freckles so if I get a tan and a freckly nose I don't want to cover it up with a heavy foundation. Same for my perfume, the perfumes I love in Winter repulse me in Summer and I like something a lot lighter.

Bobbi Brown's Almost Bare is a perfect summer scent. The name couldn't be more fitting, you know those days when you don't want to wear perfume at all. Just the thought of it gives you a headache but the thought of your natural odour all day is equally unappealing. Well this would be the perfect scent for those days.

I prefer more masculine scents and what I like about Almost Bare is that although its a feminine, fresh floral scent. It has a warmth to it which stops it smelling girly and artificial. The warmth comes from soft cedar and warm amber, warmer tones smell really good on the skin. Imagine Alcide from True Blood giving you a massive bear hug, that's what this smells like to me! (If you dont watch True Blood, stop, open up a new tab, google "Alcide True Blood" then thank me later).

Another thing I really recommend you doing is looking up your favourite perfumes and comparing the notes. Its really interesting and I bet you will find the same notes keep popping up.

For me, amber and vanilla are 2 of my favourite notes, so I always look out for these when buying a perfume. Once you know what notes appeal to you, you will be able to pick what perfumes you like just by reading the description. There are a lot of perfumes I wont even smell because once Ive seen the notes I know its not for me. This makes buying a perfume so much easier, I think we've all been there in duty free....sprayed at least 20 testers, have completely lost track of what scent goes with what perfume, have an awful headache and never want to wear perfume again! Knowing your notes makes it a lot easier!

The only downside with these lighter, summer scents is the lasting power, but Almost Bare is a perfume not an eau de toilette (EDT) so has a longer lasting power. (EDT's are cheaper but don't last as long on the skin, perfumes are more expensive but last a longer than an EDT does)

You can pick this up from anywhere that stocks Bobbi Brown for £48.00

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