Saturday, 28 February 2015

Metallic Makeup Brushes

It's been a while since I've bought any new makeup brushes, but lately I have had a bit of an influx and I can't lie, these metallic beauties are putting my old, grubby makeup brushes to shame!

Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set Vol 2 £48.00

The original Zoeva rose gold brush set has been on my wish list for so long, so when my friend Lucy gave me this set at work, I could have kissed her! 
These brushes are BEAUTIFUL and so is the pouch that they come in. In fact that's one of my favourite things about the Zoeva brush sets, the pouch. Its so handy for when you go on holiday. I will no longer have to try and cram my brushes in my makeup bag.
As you can tell I am pretty besotted with these brushes and I think its only a matter of time until I buy the face set! I would say though, if you aren't a regular eyeshadow wearer, you wont ever use half these brushes, so not one for you.

Real Techniques Bold Metal Collection

Being a huge fan of the original Real Techniques brush line, I was really excited to try their new luxe brush range. I went to the launch a few weeks ago and I have to say watching Sam and Nic gave me some serious makeup envy! 
From the launch I got three of the brushes to try

100 Arched Powder Brush £25.00
Large powder brush which is super soft. As lovely as this brush is, I actually gave this to my friend as no powder brush will ever compare to my Suqqu brush and nor should it given the price of that thing!

301 Flat Contour £22.00
Easily the brush I was most excited about out of the three but I have to say I haven't used it yet. I don't contour on a regular basis, who has the time?! But will report back as soon as I have.

200 Oval Shadow £15.00
Surprisingly out of the three this is my favourite and I have been using this loads. This is a large blending eyeshadow brush which makes eyeshadow application a speedy breeze. This also works beautifully with cream shadows as the hairs are synthetic. Well worth the price tag.

Overall I do love these brushes. They look beautiful and are unlike anything else out there. The handles are weighted and you can feel a difference in quality between these and the original line. I have since purchased one more brush, the tapered blush brush because I am a sucker for that classic blusher brush shape! 

Sigma E25 Blending Brushes £15.95

I mentioned my love for these eyeshadow brushes in my January favourites. I always use a fluffy blending brush to apply my eyeshadow and I really wanted to get a couple more, as mine get so dirty and I change my eyeshadow colours all the time. I really don't rate Sigma face brushes at all (stick with Real Techniques) but their eye brushes are good and you would be hard pressed to tell these and MAC brushes apart.


  1. I wasn't in a rush to get the new RT brushes, but now I think I'll give them a go! I also really need to get my hands on some Zoeva brushes!!!

    1. I know, I'm so behind with the Zoeva brushes but now I'm riding that wagon! xx

  2. This was so good! Love the photography too