Thursday, 18 September 2014

All Things Holiday

Anyone else out there struggling with a serious case of the post holiday blues?

I was in desperate need of some chill time and it was so nice to just laze around, read, swim in the pool and eat nice food. It was also really refreshing to have a week not using my phone or the internet. Its kind of scary how reliant we all are on those two things now, but having a break just reminds you that you don't need to be!

I love reading on holiday and its something that I really want to make a conscious effort to make more time for. If you are looking for a new book recommendation, I read and loved "The Girl With All The Gifts". I hadn't heard anything about this book but the cover intrigued me and it turned out to be one of my favourite reads in a long time.
I have also finally started the first Game of Thrones book but that is quite the tomb, hence why I need to make more time for reading!

I had to share with you the amazing nail polish that has been gracing my nails for the past week. Its by Pop Beauty and its seriously the brightest neon orange nail polish I have ever used. Pop Beauty used to be available in the UK but now it only seems to be available online, although you can get Pop Beauty in Walgreens if you are in the US. 

If you are looking for a radioactive nail polish then you need to try this. 

My holiday makeup was seriously minimal this year. I never wear makeup in the day on holiday, as I spend about 90% of my day underwater but in the evenings I do slap on a bit. I actually ended up doing the exact same makeup look every night because I liked it so much and it was just really quick and easy.

No7 Instant Radiance Foundation in Soft Rose

This is a really lovely foundation because it gives your skin the healthiest glow. The coverage is quite light but that suits me as I cant bear the feeling of heavy foundation on my face and I like that it doesn't cover my freckles. 

YSL Couture Palette in 03 Afrique

This was a bit of a naughty purchase but I somehow justified it to myself by saying that there wasn't a single colour in the palette that I wouldn't use. Of course I have only ever used one of the shades and that is the colour on the top left hand side. I just blend this all over my lid and it gives the prettiest peachy gold glow.

MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy

I couldn't find my favourite brown eyeliner anywhere so I had to buy a replacement Teddy in duty free. I just apply this to my tight line and a tiny bit to the outer corners of my eye and smudge out.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Heftiest Hibiscus

I have my friend Nat to thank for this discovery. She wore it on a night out and I loved it so much I had to go out and get it. This is a red toned coral which you can either blend in for more of a subtle look or go all out for a full on bright pout.

Of course I made a couple of cheeky purchases in duty free. 

First of all I had to replace my beloved MAC Teddy Eye Kohl and trust me, if my original one turns up I wont be happy! 

My Laura Mercier Foundation Primer only has a few drops left in it so I needed a replacement primer. I used MAC's Skin Base on my Sister on her Wedding day and I was so impressed with how well her makeup lasted that I wanted to get this for myself. 

Finally a completely unnecessary purchase, another nail polish! 

I am just a little bit in love with OPI's new Nordic collection and I also have a bit of a thing for green nail polish so of course I chose "My Dogsled is a Hybrid". There is also a beautiful dark purple colour from the collection which I think I will have to get "Viking in a Vinter Vonderland" OPI have the best colour names!

So I guess Summer is officially over now, at least my orange nail polish will be acceptable for Halloween!

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