Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette in 'Exposure'

I'm not really one for New Years resolutions, but at the beginning of the year I did decide to put myself on a makeup ban. Now this was probably doomed to fail from the start but when I saw these new Hourglass Modernist palettes, I knew my no buy would have to change to a 'low buy!'

The new Modernist palettes come in seven different shades and will be available from early February. Although I would recommend keeping an eye on Space NK's website in case they launch earlier.

These palettes are really beautiful. I love the rippled wave design and the seamless transition from shade to shade. Sometimes beauty comes at the price of practicality, but each shade is big enough for you to dip your brush in, so you can get to each individual colour. 

The palette I have is in the shade 'Exposure' which contains four neutral, mauve tones and one bronzey gold shade. If you are a fan of Charlotte Tilbury's Vintage Vamp palette or Urban Decay's Naked 3, I think you will like this. 

The shimmers in this palette are my favourite as they aren't over the top. I love a shimmery, metallic eyeshadow but sometimes you want something a bit more subtle. 

I was a bit disappointed by the matte shades in the palette however, as the texture was kind of crumbly and not particular smooth. I have definitely used better matte shadows than these. 

At £56.00 these palettes ain't cheap! If you are a makeup addict like myself, they are worth it purely for the uniqueness and beauty of their design. However, if we are talking value for money, Urban Decay's Naked palettes would still win. 

I was extremely lucky to get this palette as a freebie from my friend at work so I haven't actually broken my makeup ban yet....but I will definitely be splashing the case and buying the 'Infinity' shade (for research of course!) 

Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette available end of Jan/early Feb Space NK £56.00


  1. Ugh they're so gorgeous but I think Ima skip out on this one! I was so certain that I was going to pick up a couple, but after some bad reviews and this feeling of uncertainty...I don't know. Looks great on you though!

    1. I think you are making the right decision, they are beautiful but there is definitely better quality eyeshadows that are less money! x